Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles I had no one but him! He was like my brother! Ayse Hatun. Is this plate the plate you gave me? Aisha? – Mom, I didn’t do it. I did not do. You say Mari, Mari! Loaded Mari, how can I kill a Mari? How can I kill an unborn baby, mother? I swear I didn’t. Hopefully. Hopefully. What was the emissary on the way for, Nikola? To convey my thoughts to the Emperor. Also, Geyhatu is gone, the deal is over. True, naturally you want war instead of renewing the treaty . Season 2

It’s not me who wants war Osman himself.

Osman. Soldier. Kayı Bey Osman Bey is coming. – Now, soldier! Now! Osman, welcome. Welcome, Nikola. We enjoyed it. What is the state of these roads, Nikola? Soldiers are everywhere. Oh, precaution… I like precaution. Is this measure for us? If so, let’s know. Let’s act accordingly. Is there such a thing, Osman Bey? We are friends now. Otherwise, could you enter this castle that you want to besiege like this? Let’s say you’re in.

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Could you go out waving like this I’m out.

Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles We have dated before. If I had, you would have heard the rumbling. Lets. Okay, honey, honey. , the scales of your justice that you keep on your tongue . I am the ummah of our Prophet, who said that he would not separate even his son so that justice would be fulfilled. Even if it’s my brother, my brother, my child, I won’t look you in the eye! Whatever is right, I will do it.

Then do it Speak clearly Osman Bey What do

you think he didn’t do during the day? Say if you know anything. The animosity between me and my brother is not a secret. You all know. Until I destroy you all one by one. I will tear it down right from the middle. The commanders have shown their weaknesses Let their weaknesses bring about their end, Cornelia. Since the relationship between the most prominent commamders,

Turgut and Gündüz deteriorating this parting

will be bloody. Who will this poison kill, master? Mari, besides whom you hid for years. I buried my father in the black soil. My heart burns, Osman. He went before he could meet his grandson. Umur Bey is a martyr. We are witness to this. But you also bear witness… I will kill whoever did this to him. I have no doubts about that, Osman.

My father’s blood will not remain unavenged.

I know. You are a strong lady. You will get over this pain. And I will always be by your side. But, with your leave now. I have an account to settle with Sultan Mesud. Okay, Osman. You buried your deceased. It’s time to give account, Osman. My Sultan… I don’t do anything I can’t justify, my Sultan. What do you want me to account for? You killed the Great Seljuk State’s Vizier in front of my eyes.

You did to him what you couldn’t do to me I won’t

waste my breath to count all you have done. The only words that will come out of my mouth now… will be your death order. My Sultan. There was injustice in your decision. If Vizier Alemşah was alive now… he would tell you everything. But…

his time is up If the head cannot speak now.

then let others speak. Your Highness. I am Konur, a commander in the Great Seljuk State. They will tell you now, my Sultan. I considered my service to Vizier Alemşah as service to you, my Sultan. I throw myself at your mercy. Stop the nonsense and speak the truth, Erbey. My Sultan.Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles .. Vizier Alemşah committed all kinds of injustice taking advantage of your seal. What I saw from him myself… necessitated him being killed. Tell us, who holds the rope of the Vizier? Your Highness… Vizier Alemşah…

tried to kill Osman Bey A rebel who tried to kill me.

isnt that what he deserves? Tell me, Barkın. How and where did this happen? Tell me in detail. I wish I hadn’t come before him. I wish I hadn’t left my uncle alone. If we were to die, we would have died together. Not you, Selvi… I should have been under the soil. I can’t show my face. Free me from this shame, Malhun Hatun. I I can’t kill myself. Save me from this burden. Shut up! I want those who killed my father,

Barkın Stop crying and whining and tell me what happened!

The Mongols. The Mongols did this. Who was their commander? How many people were they? Their number was very large. I couldn’t see. None of my Alps or Umur Bey’s Alps survived. They martyred my valiants, one by one in front of my eyes. While I was fighting two Mongols… I got wounded and fell to the ground. While my eyes were closing… I saw that Umur Bey had allen to the ground. Give him some time, Malhun. Don’t you see the state of Barkın?

He also loved my uncle a lot They killed him in front

of his eyes. He’s in a worse state than you and me. I buried my father in the soil. Whoever killed him won’t even have a grave. I didn’t come here to listen to tales, Osman. I know what I saw, you stabbed me in the back. These aren’t tales, my Sultan. Mingiyan will tell you everything. Tell him about the cooperation of Geyhatu and the Vizier.

Tell him how you stuck that dagger in the his back.

Speak! Alemşah informed us when Osman was captured… and we gave his dagger to your aide. Your aide Selman.was loyal to great Geyhatu. We would have gotten rid of you and Osman. But Osman. This does not acquit you in my eyes, Osman. They say what you want so that they do not end up like the Vizier. My decree is clear.

Buyuk Selcuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

the other truth? Why did you make an alliance with Emperor Andronikos? My Sultan. if you ask about my alliance with the Emperor… then let the Tekfurs answer this. Boran Dear Sultan, your Highness. Osman Bey. I am Aya Nikola. I came today only to tell the facts.

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