Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv But the stones in the east are susceptible to collapse. If we make a rift between the two bastions , the main street leading to Nikola’s citadel falls in front of us. Once we reach Nikola and take his head, the castle is ours. Do we have enough catapults for that? There is none, sir. But if we wait for the help that the Sultan will send, our catapults will suffice. We will begin the siege of the castle beforehand.

If the sultan’s help comes from behind, he will come.

But you can say that Nikola is on the alert by now. There are traps everywhere, including on the roads. Now how do we arrange these catapults closest to the castle? Very nice Cornelia. Do you want too? I’m grateful, sir. Now you have to eat for your baby too. I hope we see the days when you become a mother too. This feeling of motherhood is something else. I will go now. Let me help the ladies. Goodnight. Good night, sir. We are awake, sir,


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Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

You assemble the catapults, the mastery is in your hands. Now, how long does it take to assemble a catapult with all the pieces? Are they all right? – They’re all right. half day. Sir, let’s hide the catapults in a caravan. When you arrive near the castle, you know that the forests of this region are very dense. It is also close to the oriental signs. If we combine the catapults in this area, the first thing Nikola will see will be flying fires, not daylight. David master. – Sir. Mehmatick Kutulamara Season 1

Is there a chance that what you call a day brain is possible?

It is possible, sir. But in the darkness of the night, a catapult wo n’t come. The moon is a crescent, it gets dark, Osman Bey. If we light a torch in the woods at that time of night, we’ll be exposed to Nikola. It is not reasonable. It will be what he calls the brain in the daytime. That’s how we will take İnegöl. But first we will take the Monopoly.

We will make it our headquarters. After that,

we will walk to İnegöl. You make the preparations. I’m Mari. Turgut. You okay? I’m fine or fine… I’m fine. Tell me who are you mad at? How did you know that I was angry? From here. Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv You’ve always been in trouble since the day I met you. One ends and another begins. I’ve never seen him rest his head on the pillow peacefully, Turgut. It is. Our life is tough. But you know how to be patient? With you. When I see you, I forget these difficulties.

Maybe I don’t rest my head on the pillow peacefully,

but when I close my eyes, I see us in my dreams. I think of our growing baby and the good days to come. Our future days. It will be very nice. It will be very nice. Welcome, Osman Bey. – Welcome! God bless, God bless. Mr. Osman, welcome. – We’re welcome, we’re welcome! welcome! welcome! Estugfurullah! Estugfurullah, how are things good? Praise be to you, my lord. Very good thanks to you. Mashallah mashallah. – God bless you, sir. Good luck with.

Take it easy, honey Hasan You are welcome,

God bless you. – Thank you too, sir. Let’s taste one of these honeys. It’s the same as before, you’re welcome. Bismillah, enjoy, sir. Weigh these again. Why should I weigh it again?Teskilat Series With   It is not fair to set the same price for smashed apples as for healthy ones. Either price the lame separately and pay them separately, or let me weigh the healthy ones and pay them. Is it for these two apples? Look, if I donate this to you, there will be no torment for you in the hereafter.

You can get it if you wish, it doesn’t take anything

away from me. But my heart will not be satisfied if you mix two apples with your halal earnings as haram. The unlawful bite that passes through his throat is such that only the fire of Hell can clean it. You speak the right, I’m sorry, you can halal your right. Let the apples be my gift. – No way. Whatever you deserve, you will get it. If you get less, cruelty to me, if you get too much, you. Do not put us both in persecution. Let God bless you. May he be blessed with halal earnings.

What happened to you? Come on okay. Your face

also looks pale, did you catch a cold? Our baby Turgut. Nothing has happened to the baby, something you ate has touched it. Ayşe lady sent- What is this? I’m  Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Turgut, what’s going on here! Cornelia, I didn’t know, I didn’t know what it was! Turgut! Mari! Sir are you ok! Our baby Turgut! Nothing will happen to him.

We’ll go to Kumral Abdal, you’ll be fine. Does Söğüt

have no followers? What are you confused about? Who are you? They call the poor İbrahim Fakih, and this is my student İshak. It is my duty to correct the wrong I see. Are you on the wrong side that you are uncomfortable? Well, do you know who you’re talking to? Whether you’re a sultan or a gentleman. I know the right and tell the truth.

It doesn’t matter who you are. We also need to speak the truth. I’m poor too, Osman Bey. And this pusat is my only property. But my pussumu does not harbor mistakes in Söğüt. Thank you Osman Bey. – Thanks! Thanks. Where do you come from?

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