Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles If we trace them, we can get a lot of gold. Not considered Katum, Hussein I don’t understand, I will understand. I can earn more if I sell Uthman to Olov. Or can I earn more if I sell Uthman to Olov Our chief Oktam will be fine but We must think about it. Look at the whole tribe carefully What’s the news, maybe somewhere else’s gold. Enjoy hosting infidels I know it will lead to my end.

But I will not leave my chief to you Hopefully,

Mr. Usman will make his mistake. Otherwise it will bleed a lot. Their justice is in favor of infidels, my daughter Reviewed around well. Did Kanta Kozinos get out of his tent, he’s still in his tent Come on, go and look around When that dog comes out, Your father’s innocence is linked to it. go straight to Martha’s shop.

Don’t you have any other work Are you chasing me

I don’t know what you’re going to do. I think so on you. Why come Can’t i come؟ Can’t we get out of our tribe,  Can’t I go to my shop in the market Please take Ms. All Smallpox to her shop in the market. And don’t let him go with your eyes. No need, sir Either you will accompany the soldiers. Or return to your tribe.

You made our tribe a prison Now is the city

of Anne to be imprisoned for us Stop chasing my daughter. What is this, Benge lady If you bother him more, it will be perfectly fulfilled. Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles How long will this woman stay here؟ I find a way to get it out of here. I can do this in the other way. Come and listen to me. Or you carbar without talking. Either the shooter was not skilled.

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Or did he have no intention of killing you The lion

is not killed by the bite of the fly Where were you Usman Sahib Did you buy clothes Developed by our best tailor Woman. Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles Get out of the shop I came from Constantinople. They poisoned the emperor. Don’t worry, he’s fine. You gave me good information, O’athman I have a lot of information to tell you.

What does that mean Can I come in listen.

Droson has come to the net. Let’s first solve the case of Oktam Sahib. Let’s go to court. Prince Kanta Koznos. I hope he likes this dress. He was very grateful. Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles It is important to make the guest happy. I was looking for you in the sky. And you are on earth. I came from the market. I went to the store.

You and Leo were not both present Sometimes man does not see who is in front of him. My brother Liu went to Constantinople to get the cloth. And I came here for the prince. Why were you looking for me؟ I wanted to see new clothes. But I have a lot of clothes.

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles

I’ll show you when you come again. Above lady I will buy from you today. Like your will. But I’m busy today. I will get the clothes to you. We have come very close to Soragh, Malhon lady What happened to your hand؟ I’m fine, I tell you. Tell Ayesha, Iraq, Timur Let’s see what it’s hiding. Let’s go to the first physician. Hurry up, I’m in a hurry.

Let’s see if you’re white or black, hit Ayesha,

you look here. I have heard your actions. Aq Timor has been a drawer on you. And he didn’t say anything to you But I’m not a Visi. Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles I have no mercy Did he feel sorry for me Tell him: I won’t feel sorry for him. You will be punished for your actions. You have to be accountable to Usman Sahib.

I didn’t do anything I was responsible for.

Who has to calculate. Get away now from me You will definitely pay the price.The Droson jurist will take judicial action. If this court does not separate Oktam’s head from his body. There is no point in putting it, Uthman Sahib Evidence can be taken to the execution trap of Oktam Sahib or not. No,

you or I can know this It will be decided by the court.

Then I will do my own justice. I will bring a great army from Constantinople، The agreement will not end, and you cannot come with the big army What do you mean by that Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Do you doubt my power, O’athman Sahib؟ Capture a traitor named Ophelia And now he is chasing you.

Yurek Cikmazi Season 1 Dard e Dil In Urdu Subtitles

He will kill you as soon as he gets the first chance at the emperor’s order. that can’t happen Whether the emperor has given such an order. Olov is loyal to me. He can’t do that Well, I warned you You take your precautions. Are your soldiers enough Will Olov kill me If you are with me, I will protect you. Will the princes of Rome resort to the Turks

When you leave the boundaries of the city of Anne. Your executioners will be waiting for you.

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