Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles this is the occasion you see. this is a real man, this is a great man , Ah be ya to to Bilge Yağtu like and zil alemşah, if you hear what he said about you, you will hear it soon this Vizier Pelin came up to the pen this Nicola said this Baba Arge said I will delete the investment from the lands I will collect it in all warehouses forever He said he will continue from here for a few years, but don’t call his lies Village 650, aha Vizier Alemdag this caesar’s right caesar I’m a good liar But Vizier Alem there is a lot to learn from you right now No. Is it a group? There is no but I will rip your soul out I will hit this world .

My brother denicola It was going to be snowy Well,

what about the Ooo Flying paper clips you brought to demolish the walls, this is what you want, you will leave these tekfurs and things to sell, I will be Osman Ağa, You will not let me talk, he will be thatenthusiasm, this entry fat We do not comment, this like this there is no easy example ha ha If he will see the games, first of all, this gasoline turned into a game . Happy Comrade Hamza, Allah Allah Brother, I wish you good luck Mazlum Hatun, Happy Bliss, Ya shut up, don’t bind this martyr Don’t cry after you. There is no but I will rip your soul out I will hit this world .

this is my son Ah rate How did you scare me ,

I am a victim to the creator, my Lord bless you my dear son I have very little left, will it come from England, or will Nazmi come from you before he comes, what does he say, you will love it too ah ah ah Hey go Uğur be kurtankurt Yiğithan Yiğit dough no, your father has set these traps even for those who are capable of causing discord among us. What about your grandfather, that’s how it is to be told, this is the case, this is the one who works with the king Yes now he entered here be drop yoga immerse Vizier and other people will wait and I will talk to each other alone either he 3D and separate code between them this is what they will sell to each other to survive this is finally ours Victory is ours

Alparslan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

But there’s still time Nikola he has do you have and we are looking for chest taste and lord of darkness This It is necessary to break a lot for the conquest of a castle. It is not only the walls that protect the castle. We will discourage the commander who held that castle first. If it’s all , even say yh, my sultan, the number that will always be cut, don’t worry. A moment ago Our castles will turn. The moon He will attack us Yes, now if I go to this Osman If I say these to him If I tell him this, do you know how you are in me, do you know how it is inside me , we would have protected the pen too much. This is two birds with one stone.


I’m an expert on how it would be , we’ve heard him often.

He’s what I want to hear. That’s why you want to unite with the Christians in case you are afraid So you are not as strong as you have and the land is easy Osman but the world domination is coughing the alliance is coughing with your vibrator you can only do a fraudulent job this is senkucuk those little ones are anything but we can’t be the biggest alliance huh Vizier Alem Shahma hah, he said he would allied himself with this pursuit. I do n’t know thank you, my dear, this is precious sooner or later but everything will say 3 Queen bird is this acridek herpes betrayed me But you will sit like this MS I will sit like this I will give advice to all of my sons whose composition is this and they have to be arrogant.

There is a great God among them, God knows God, my dear,

then in the moment of heedlessness and this little thing they call it, give me a pass . or when you hear about birth, to destroy you and my lineage This will lamb here that boy you will put what you set up tonight osmar this we will see we will see when you stand in the closet with what they did is good will come Brothers I will come from here brother you are fine my dear send it to us too send it to you bro to this, where are you? I had fun and it will last. You can take care of yourself. The moon is getting closer, it was lonely, you need to get away. Alparslan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

It sent during the day Yacht lay down the remaining spoils

The best Chechen won’t bring you , thank you. Thank you.Alparslan Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles I will tear apart as Nicola get a coat of arms at the head of this caravan You hide it well When Osman attacks you I will follow you innocent caravans will come out a good friend master Of course the Ottomans will stay in the middle look and we are looking for boost to crush this is very important It must be news, you hold it tight. I hope I hope I am my thing. Yes, he will not be alone on this path. His brother Orhan will always be with me.

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