Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles I’m back from my mistake. A Muslim cannot be bitten twice through the same snake hole. As for this matter, I have neither a fault nor an iota of involvement. But it seems that the trapper has secured his job. Has anyone seen the master of the day with poison in his hand? Well, has anyone seen Ayşe add poison to the meat? But he was seen running away from the tribe. If I had not found him and brought him, Gündüz Bey would have been with him, whoever was a partner in the betrayal. Why should he run away, Osman Bey? Have you ever been slandered, Selvi lady? Just say it. God forbid anyone. Those who want to justify themselves flee.

Those who do not want to die with a black mark on their forehead

Alparslan Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles run away! Whoever does not trust his brother’s justice, runs away… Forgive me, sir, but I am the one who drove my master to run away. If there is a mistake, if there is a fault, it is mine. There is evidence to prove that Gündüz Bey and Ayşe Hatun are guilty. But no one sees it. It’s the lord’s order! Gündüz Bey and Ayşe Hatun will be exiled from the camp. Mr. Osman! This never happened, Osman Bey! It didn’t happen! There is no justice left in your camp! Shame on you! Shame on you! folks! Osman Bey, Gunduz Bey, drove out of the camp! You hear it, don’t you, Osman.

Tekfur Kosses. Do not act in anger. It did not happen,

Mr. Barkın, this never happened! Osman did not act justly. It’s not easy. I knew it would be like this. The deceased was also my brother, Mr. Barkın. With her baby in her womb! Osman now owes me not one but two lives. You’re right, Kosses, it’s hard for me to understand your pain. You have the right to whatever you do. I swear, Mari, I will avenge those who did this to you! I swear! Cyrus! We’re leaving, Samuel! Osman… You have broken the trust of the people with this act. You cut your own rope. Come on, Selvi. No, sisters, why did you come? My mother Selcan prepared soup and we brought it to my sheikh. May my sheikh be healed, you may pass, sisters.

Let’s not crowd inside, one of you is enough.

We are not of the same religion, but let me take your prayer. Here you go too. Storm. – Sir. Let the Alps accompany Gündüz Bey. Let them be with you until they reach a safe place. It’s your command, sir. Alps, you return to the camp, we settle in an inn and rest. Yigitler, the tribe is entrusted to you. Lets. What will we do? Where will we go during the day? Ayşe. No, Gunduz Bey. Where are you waving your arms like that? Let Kosses leave Ayşe and see her account with me. Impossible. You did not see your account with me. Your wife poisoned my sister with her hands. Both my sister and the baby in her


You owe me two lives, Gündüz Bey! Neither he nor I did anything to anyone!

But since it will get cold for you to come. I will not die without a collision! Ayşe, protect yourself Ayse! I won’t let go! Watch to escape! Come on Kosses. – I came. I came. Daytime! Limitless! Ayşe. Say your last prayer, Gunduz Bey. For my brother. Daytime! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Soup is good, huh Kumral Abdal? I hope you miss Bala. To explain. First, sheath your pusad, Kosses. Tell me, Turgut! Osman Bey says it is a trap. I believe him for now. For now. – Tell me, what did Turgut Osman tell you to convince you that Gündüz is innocent? Neither Kosses nor Vizier nor Geyhatu saw the treacherous game with my own eyes.

Whoever set up this trap intends to leave Osman alone.

So they killed my Mari to leave Osman alone? Think Kosses, Gündüz and I are Osman’s friends. We are the commander of the army of his comrades, with whom he girds himself. You are his most precious ally. Can’t you see? They smashed us all in one blow. If Osman knew all this, then he should have known that I would attack Gündüz when he set out. He knew that too, he exiled Gündüz on purpose. Because now Gündüz has to die. We die Turgut, we die. We will do whatever is necessary in favor of Kayi. So who is attacking us, Turgut? Who! Whoever attacked us does it in the dark. We also have one chance to draw it into the light. You and I will be enemies to Osman. Gunduz must be dead too.

Alparslan Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Why should I spare Gunduz’s life? Forgiveness Osman Bey wants Gündüz and Ayşe to stay in your castle. I also want that if the evidence points to Gündüz, you will behead him as soon as possible. Both of them. Well. You are alive for now. For now. Cyrus, Samuel, take these. Now it is necessary to enlarge the game in the camp. The most glorious of duties is yours. We will come out of this mess with conquest and property. You, of course, Turgut Bey. Thank you gazan blessed. From Mr. Barkin. My Bey was sent by Barkın Bey from Kayı Obasi. My brother Umur was martyred on his way to Kayı Obası. Since my brother was martyred on this road, it means we are on the right track, Serhat.

We are on the right path! Barkın says the situation is not very pleasant.

Look at the state of the ends kneaded with the dough of complacency, Serhat. As soon as we took a step, we smelled the air of war. My brother passed away, I hope we will be blessed as well. Amen sir. The convoy will continue on the Kızılhan road . We will arrive in Badembükü to see Barkın. Let’s hear and see what the situation is. Mister, do you know the messenger? Don’t be a trap. If it’s a trap, we’ll reap the unbelievers and reach Kayı. We say we made our war on the way and we arrived. Lets. Come on! The poison began to circulate in Edebali’s veins. My beautiful Cornelia. It means that the weak light of Oğuz goes out forever. It’s dark after all.

Alparslan Episode 3 In Urdu Subtitles

But if you’ll excuse my curiosity, I’d like to ask you something, sir. You can’t learn without asking, Cornelia, my beautiful girl, please ask. Why is that Turk, Barkın , always with you, sir? So we don’t even have a common bond. Even our beliefs are different. Greed for power Cornelia. The greed for power makes a person a dog even to his enemies. We have the collar. I will now meet Ivaz. My letter has already reached him. No, you don’t deserve this, sister. You are absolutely right. Gunduz bey blinded them. My heart does not understand either.

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