Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles What if we die with this black spot on our forehead? Then what will happen to our Aktemur? I wish I could see my son one more time. If I had seen it, Day. I’m Ayşe. My Lord, to whom I am a sacrifice, is not with those who give up, but with those who are patient. We will endure. We will endure. Erdogdu. Erdogdu. Ayse! Ayse Ayse. You’ve come to the end of the road, Gunduz Bey. honey. honey. I’m Bala. I’m Bala. No or evil is from Allah. We will consent. We know that none of us is eternal in this world. It hurts a lot, my Osman. Everything is for us, my Bala. Everything is hopeless for us from Allah. But… you have to be prepared for anything.

God is the giver and the taker. We will hope for healing.

We will persevere, we will show perseverance. You are a strong woman, you will endure, you will be patient. Kosses, a snake haunted Söğüt. It doesn’t show its trace, it doesn’t make you feel your breath. But it leaves its black poison everywhere. Everything happened after this Vizier died and Geyhatu left. Do you think the Sultan is also in this business? In other words, could he have entered into such a cooperation to break Osman’s power? If so, Gündüz is the best pawn for the job. I don’t think he is Sultan, this is a new devil. Of course, that Gündüz comes to mind as well.

The events that were to be seen in the full court took place.

There is also the fact that he once had business with that treacherous vizier. It means that Gunduz Bey is skilled in these works. It is so. You’re slouched again, Samuel. You brought bad news. Day, the gentleman escaped. What do you mean escaped? – What did you say? Oh Osman Bey! This is what happens if you don’t get justice in time. Gunduz burned Han and entered the blood of the oppressed. He was not going to stop after doing these things, he was heartless. I waited, I waited for Kosses to be judged fairly. I waited for the customary judgment to be given. But he chose to run away.

Oh Day! Now you ran away, even if you go to the other side of the world,

your death will be at my hands. Don’t worry, we’ll find it. Report everywhere, Samuel. Whoever brings him to me, dead or alive, I will drown him in gold. Go now. – Head over there, sir. Oh Osman Bey! Alps. We buried our martyrs. Those bastards attacked in a way worthy of them. Their intention is to bow our heads! But we will not make them happy! Where has it been seen that the one we come across lives long! They hide their daggers. They attack from the shadows. We will illuminate them with the light of faith in our chest from the corridor they entered


We will bring their end with the haze of justice!

Allahu Akbar! Alparslan Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles… Come on. Mr. Osman. Your heart is bigger than what I have heard, Osman Bey. Your faith is unshakable from what I’ve heard. We drank the water of two great rivers, like my father Ertuğrul Gazi Şeyh Edebali. be there. But whenever I encountered a knot that was difficult to solve, I would go to Sheikh Edebali. But now it claws at death. Death is Allah’s order, Osman Bey. Edebali is the light of the son. You say you’ve been enlightened all this time. Surely you will find a way out. They burn Söğüt on one side and Kayı on the other. They want to include my brother in this business.

While Willow was grappling with death,

my brother ran away on top of it. It tightens the knot even more. It will be found sooner or later, but what does the Almighty Allah say in the verse? O you who believe! Stand up for God’s sake. Be those who bear witness with justice. Don’t let the hatred you feel towards any community push you to act unjustly. Be just, it is more suitable for taqwa. fear Allah! Surely he is aware of what you do. As I heard, your brother Gündüzbey has made such mistakes before. You forgave him, Osman Bey. The evidence is clear, don’t let the blood of an innocent stay on you.

You are a bey, it is necessary to give your verdict from your thesis. The verdict is yours. Justice is not justice if it is delayed. Justice will be served! Many innocents were lost in Söğüt. This is the truth! You got it right, you keep saying a word, Turgut! Daytime! And you Kosses?

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