Anime World Tower Defense Codes For February 2024

Anime World Tower Defense Codes For February 2024

We are expecting the latest codes from this game for a while now, so I believe you are excited about it- while waiting for the release of the upcoming algod of codes for this game, please summon your favorite heroes and redeem Anime World Tower Defense codes as fast as you can!

To accomplish your mission of protecting your base and winning from your opponents you have the most familiar heroes to mankind from across the universe to help you. Unquestionably, Anime World Tower Defense is one of the best representatives of its genre as fast enemies, and expansive choice of Units guarantee success.

The growth of the team and the protection of the ground from the army of the Corrupt Hero will require more units and enhanced abilities. It is at this time that they will turn to Anime World Tower Defense Codes with resources like Candies, Gold, Shards, and Puzzles which is invaluable for summoning better heroes. If you are a fane of the Roblox tower-defense genre with tons of freebies, the All Star Tower Defense codes article is for you.

All Anime World Tower Defense codes list

Working Anime World Tower Defense codes

Code Items
SorryForQuestBug Redeem for 5,000 Puzzles and 1 Miracle Shards (New)
30KLikesTysm Redeem for Puzzle (New servers only)
UchigoDaigan Redeem for 3,000 Puzzle
75MVisit Redeem for 3,000 Puzzle and 750,000 Gold (Requires level 25+)
125KFav Redeem for 10,000 Puzzle and 5,000 Spirit (Requires level 25+)
MerryChristmasAWTD2023 Redeem for 10K Christmas Bell and a Legendary Padoru Unit
CHRISTMAS2023 Redeem for 3K Christmas Bell
StringKingdom Redeem for 30 Reroll Tokens and 3,000 Puzzles
50MVisit Redeem for 5,000 Puzzles and 5 Miracle Shards
PureLove Redeem for 3,000 Puzzles
CorruptedNight Redeem for 3,000 Candies and 3,000 Puzzles
HollowPurple Redeem for 100 Reroll, 10k Puzzles, and 5 Miracle Shards
SorryForShutdown! Redeem for 200k Rerolls and 1.5k Puzzles
100KFav Redeem for 1M Gold and 10k Puzzles
HappyHalloween! Redeem for 3k Candies
BlamSpot Redeem for 250 Puzzles
Noclypso Redeem for 250 Puzzles
CorruptedNight Redeem for 3k Candies and 3k Puzzles

Redeeming codes in Anime World Tower Defense

Code redeeming is quite an easy procedure in Anime World Tower Defense. It is the precisely associated with the rewards.

  • Start Roblox with Launch Anime World Tower Defense.
  • Click on the Settings icon at the left side of the window.
  • At the very bottom there is also a Put The Code Here textbox where you should enter the code.
  • Press Enter to receive your free reward.

How to get more codes in Anime World Tower Defense?

Bookmark this article (CTRL+D) and come back to it regularly because we look for all the active Anime World Tower Defense codes and gather them into one place to save you some time.But if you want to learn more about upcoming giveaways and other ways to get freebies, we suggest you follow the developer’s official social media channels:

Why are my Anime World Tower Defense codes not functioning?

As Anime World Tower Defense codes make use of a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters and special symbols, typos easily happen. We would rather suggest that you copy the code that is of your interest from our list and paste it in the game in order to avoid errors.

Also, with the proviso of Code Invalid, you could have typed the code wrong or it is inactive. Therefore, use all the accessible codes before the expiration date and inform us if you encounter an invalid code on our Working list.

What is the Anime World Tower Defense Trello link?

For more actionable information regarding the game along with more useful details about Units, NPCs, and bosses, check the Anime World Tower Defense Trello board. This is an open-source material that provides official data on different enemies, maps and moves mechanic which could be of help in terms of developing a team solely of heroes.

What is Anime World Tower Defense?

Anime World Tower Defense is one of the most played tower-defense Roblox games from among the huge amount of this game. You have to keep invaders from arriving in waves, whose sole purpose is to level your base. With your preferred anime characters as what you would be using as the units, try to make your part of the map to be safe while as well reaching the top of the leader board.


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