Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles His intention is to erase my master from this land. He seemed to be doing good, he was doing evil. Osman Bey’s loyal alps. I wish you would choose obedience to your nation instead of choosing loyalty to your brain . You wouldn’t be suffering now. Queen! Your cruelty is not enough to intimidate Kayı’s wolves. Do your best! Soldiers! Whip their flesh from the bones! Then throw him in the dungeon! You go to Söğüt. Inform Vizier Alem Shah.

Yes, sir. Neither the sultan nor the vizier are accounted for!

Whoever comes without finding Osman will be on his head! The snake was obviously going to make a game. He’s been messing with my boss since I got here . Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles I understood. I told you when you first came. Those eyes look lying like a happy dog . Shall we wait here like this, mother? What to do? We will not wait, Bala, the Vizier will answer for this. What did I do? I trusted the vizier, what have I done? They took my brother! Osman Bey is not guilty, they cannot do anything. I don’t know Ayşe, I don’t know anything! But I will warn, I will go to Alem Shah.

How will we do, sir? We will enter the castle,

we will rescue Mari from there. Would I leave Mari in the hands of Nikola dog? How are we going to get into all these soldiers, sir? You know, it protects very well, Nikola the dog! We will enter in such a way, we will enter in such a way that the whole world will hear it and talk about it. Hold on Mari! Hold on! Is there a destur, your majesty? come on. His Majesty the Vizier, Gündüz Bey came. Let it come. Vizier Alem Shah. Do you have any involvement in this matter ? It is Sultan Mesut’s edict.I was afraid when I came to the camp. That I will return empty-handed. But Osman Bey he ignored his vengeance gave up the İnegöl Castle and saved you. Let there be. Where is Osman Bey? I couldn’t see. Sister. .

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles

it is up to us to comply. Is there a destur, your majesty? come on. Your majesty , there is news from Konur alp. Mr. Osman. What happened to Osman Bey? Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu & English Make up your mind. Osman Bey escaped, His majesty. How it happened, we do not understand. Your brother’s rebellion does not end, Gündüz Bey. He does not listen to his brother, he does not listen to the vizier. He also violated the sultan’s order. No. I don’t understand what you’re trying to do this time either .What is this preparation in the oba? It is preparation for conquest, sister. Osman Bey went to conquer İnegöl



This was not good at all Let the Sultan know.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 18 In Urdu Subtitles Report that Osman ran away from appearing before the judge, that he was both a traitor and a rebel! Just let me know. Let everyone hear how Osman is a rebel. His people will hear how he betrayed the Seljuks. He will be caught and punished on sight. It is your command, my vizier. Vizier Alem Shah! Is it necessary to raise this issue like this ? We do not work unnecessarily. You go back to your obsession. The Kayı tribe is not the one that will remain without a leader . Get ready, Mr. Gunduz. You’re going to sit on the mail.

I played looking deep into your eyes.

We will always exist. And we will destroy you. We will destroy you, Osman. You can only destroy yourself. So you spread the evil over all these years, huh? You have set many traps behind us. But but nothing happened to you. I’ve taken the lives of many oppressors until this time. Eee. Hey look. These will be the last eyes you see. last eyes. Your time has come. [Music Playing] Oh my Selvi. You’re welcome, sister. Thank you for the safe recovery. Thank you, sister. Welcome, Selvi Hatun. I don’t know how to pay you. Especially Osman Bey. How did he release Nikola? While your people’s lives were at stake Osman Bey didn’t think for a minute, Selvi Hatun. Let there be.

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