Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles I will not spare any of you! Come! Come! my mother! Hold on, my mother! my mother! Mama hold on! honey! I’m going to kill you now! Come! Come! Now it’s your end, Bala! Where did these come from! Mama hold on hold on! No, hold on! Mom no no! You laugh like a hyena that has seen a lion… Enough sir! Lions! I know where the gate is, let’s get out of this mess. It is from here. Come on Mashallah my valiants! Thank you mom! Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles  Malhun! honey! Soldiers! We’re filming! Who are you! Identify yourself! Clear!

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles

I need your help. Shush! Shush! The snake next to the snake you! What did I need? – Julia. We need to be able to prevent attacking women. Look at me, what ambush would you lure me into? Have you come back from your previous mistake so that I can believe your word now! Boran, we saw our mistake, thank God we came back, but if you don’t come with me now, it will hurt a lot. Are you on the right side, huh? I am both on the side of the truth and on the side of Osman, who is on the right path. Lets. Boran, these are just between you and me.

It’s the secret Boran. Whenever one of us gets stuck,

we catch up with him. Don’t be afraid… The secret one knows. Of course, we also know that we shouldn’t say, don’t worry. Let’s get to the camp quickly, Gündüz Bey will set up a beylik party. – Lets. Lets! Lets! Cevahir said that there are other shelters opened to the gate. We will wait here. Come on then, come on, I refrain from saying the grave situation But our sultan’s situation is not good. Osman came as a traitor and did what was necessary . Osman’s head will be taken where he is seen before his case is established. Ninety-nine names of Almighty Allah, who fills our hearts with the light of faith when we say Bismillahirrahmanirrahim .


Gentlemen, as you know, I aspire to the principality of Kayı Obası.

A valiant gentleman like you suits Kayı’s principality. Come on, gentlemen, they will vote for Gündüz, raise your hand. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles Ala, then you will not get a share in the conquest of the brain. You will be deprived of the conqueror. The property of the infidel Harmankaya Castle belongs to Kayı. With the help of the vizier Alemşah, it will become the property of Kayı. Harmankaya is your property, if you become Kayı’s chief, it becomes Kayı’s property. Then the gentlemen get their share.

Those who use the vote in favor of Gündüz, raise your hand.

I mean, that’s what they pinned as a trap. It’s not over, the game of these rascals is not over. First, they wanted to kill Sultan Mesut and then me. The Sultan has my dagger on his back. If they can’t deal with you, they will blame the death of the sultan on you. My Cevahir. Come, brother, come, the rest is yours. We are in big trouble. Now get us out of the palace. I know bro, I know the trouble you are in, Cevahir! You used me and tried to kill the sultan. You made me a partner in your treachery. I will deliver you. what would you do?

Look at my eyes, do you see a traitor?

Sultan Mesut’s aide first tried to kill Sultan Mesut. Then to me. Now he got what he deserved. but I could not protect the sultan . This is the work of Geyhatu and Vizier Alemşah. It’s not your fault Cevahir But these rascals want to destroy my Osman Bey and the Kayı clan. Believe it to your brother Turgut What if this is also part of your game? Am I in a mood to play? Just say it! Let go! If you don’t open your mouth with a knife, you should say auburn Abdal, will it be okay, mom? There is no hope in God. But the wound is very deep. So deep. I boiled Kumral Abdal Syrup. May God heal you. .

God bless Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

If it wasn’t thrown in front of me because of me, don’t do it Bala, it’s not your fault. Besides, Selcan Hatun is strong, it will be good. Strong or sentence is Kayı’s mother, she is strong. O Allah, forgive us our mother. Amine. Mother! Ana Selcan mother!Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 32 In Urdu Subtitles mom, we’re okay, thanks to you mom, you’ll be okay too. Thank God, it is good that there are strong and brave men like you in Konya, which is writhing in the clutches of traitors . We will leave this palace. Osman Bey,

there is no way to go out in the guise of a non-merchant.

Don’t let them stand before you. And they too deserve the spoils. Harmankaya will be informally owned by Kayı! Thanks. I called you my brother Turgut! How can you do this treason! Osman Bey, a black mark on your name- Cut! What do you know, Cevahir! what do you know Is your name calling me a black mark? They sell their goods in the markets of Harmankaya, graze their animals in their lands, open the doors of many opportunities and revive their camps. I repeat now.You are right! my  Come on to the shop! Hold on to the mother, don’t put me without you! Mama hold on! Mashallah, mashallah Boran alp saw Cenk square valiant We are on our side, thank God… Thank you.

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