Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles I will have a son. I will give you a son. Thank you Lord! Thank God he heard my prayers! He didn’t make me childless. Malhun chick, you calmed the fire in my chest. You gave the good news of heaven to my tent, to my Obama. Now, you say now. Whatever you wish from me! Seeing you happy like this is the greatest happiness for me. Especially if there is a boy, if I have an heir Sir, what about the willow bull? Well, we don’t go empty-handed. But, I’ll go ahead of time and make room for the raid. Don’t be late either. Sir, let’s be with one of us. Especially if you let me let me ride alone. This looks like a precious piece of cloth, Simon.

honey! It will be my son! Good

news for all of us then. Whatever! Let it be.. Allow me, sir. Permission is yours. Osman Bey, this should stay between us for now. Let me go to Konya and then we can do whatever you want. We’ll hide it, you say it’s right bro, you say it’s right, let’s keep it. How will we do Osman, how will we do it? Ayşe will be suspicious, I know she will be suspicious.But you are not yet skilled enough to go to war. Especially if you prove yourself in the hunt then I’d say you’re ready for war. Thank you sir. At that time, we also have to hunt. Do not come back empty-handed. Do not. It’s your command, sir. Baysungur. sir. Come on.

Another wolf-eyed come, huh. Yeah. Come on

, mashallah, I went, come on. honey. Tomorrow I will leave for Konya. I have an important matter to discuss with the Sultan. Before you go, I want you to know something. What’s that? You don’t have to hide that you are happy, Osman. I know how happy Ertuğrul Gazi is that his will will be fulfilled, that his longing for a son will come to an end. While talking to your brother during the day, I heard how joyful his voice was. Nikola won’t even be able to understand what’s going on. We’ll fall on you like lightning. Well, he won’t even be able to chase after you. We also want to come to the gas, Mr. It is your right, of course.

Sir, you are happy and you deserve to be happy

You can’t hide this. In fact, you can add me to that happiness. I’m Bala. What am I to do with the happiness that you are not in? Picked from the tree today. I chose the most beautiful ones for you. Have you always grown apples? Always apple. Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles Are you craving something else? There is a fruit called pomegranate, There is a pusat in that caravan, my prince. What if they try to declare war on us, saying we hit the caravan? He becomes guilty first because he has piled up ammunition in his castle.Alps! Threes, sevens, forty’s sake! Are you ready for Azaya? We are here! Are you ready for Azaya? We are here! What is aza for? Consent is for right. Are you ready to become a veteran? Hallelujah.



Can you find? Malhun chick is a winter fruit,

where is it found in summer? Of course it is, but it would be nice if it did, wouldn’t it? You will take good care of the informal Malhun chick. You cannot make him do anything. Don’t say anything to upset her. I try to find it. It will be difficult though. Well, take a look, maybe someone brought it to Söğüt. I’ll go and have a look then. You are welcome, Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles Where is that valiant Cerkutay? Where is that crazy Cerkutay? Sir, I’ll be lightning alone, I’ll descend on your hills, my Bey. If you trust me and set out on the road, I will make this world difficult for them. Oh, this is my mashallah Cerkutay. Let’s go. It’s your command, sir. Have a nice trip. Thank you sir. He has as much glory, look at the valiant, especially you.

But my mind is here. I wanted you to know.

Take your mind to Konya, Osman Bey, stay here. I can’t sleep, my heart is beating like it’s going to break my bones. My mind and heart are with my child. blessed day comes and I see that you hold your child in your arms With   I will cherish my own life as yours. I will not forget that we are two souls in one body. God bless you. Nikola the Jackal. Then we will hit fast. Doesn’t it break the peace to shoot the caravan, sir? I come from the İnegöl market, Simon brings the goods. They will come after Yeşilbayır soon. Good, let’s see, let’s see. Sir, their arrival is nice, they are beautiful where are our Alps?

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