Haci Bayram Veli Series With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitles Hey Mashallah! Hey mashallah my valiant! Well, these ears have heard these words otherwise my eyes won’t go open. Obviously, our Ertuğrul Bey’s hearth has already been heated. The hearth of our already hot Ertuğrul Bey! My father, Süleyman Şah, also had this boil. While Ertuğrul Bey’s trust is on my shoulders look at the affliction caused by this disease, babe. The wind picks up dust from the rock. You are Dundar Bey.

You will overcome all kinds of troubles.

Everyone looks My brother Ertuğrul Bey sees it. Twenty-five years ago , we collect the seeds he sowed for crops now. this deal will bring prosperity and peace to the region, lady. You should not take yourself lightly, Mr. Dundar. The road is not walked with a passenger with a comrade. What would happen if you came back like Gündoğdu and Sungurtekin?

You gave your shoulders that Ertuğrul Bey

established order. Chard is found in everyone. But both biceps and skills you have one. And in peace class the evil eyes that fear the peace have already pulled the snakes out of their holes. It is necessary to be cautious. As God is my witness I will burn those snakes alive in fires. I burn. I I made a promise to my brother Ertuğrul Bey. I will handle this. Lets. Let’s not keep Tekfur Yorgopolos waiting. Before I reach the castle,

I wish to receive your blessing son Father’s

prayers are always with you. Son. However, this kaffa group is not very reliable. You should keep your eyes peeled, right? Don’t worry, dad. I am the son of Bamsı Bey, the veteran alpine head of Kayi. The enemy who comes before me knows that there will be loss. Thank you son, thank you! But you should know that valor is not an armor against arrogance. You must be on the alert. It is necessary to sense the coming of Namerd. Who senses the nader’s arrival, father? Mr. Caesar, son.



Beyce the notorious valiant sezer Oghuz

is my father’s advice. He says whatever happens to Oguz, he will sleep. A brave son who does not sleep. Some sleep standing up. But even when he is asleep the gentleman who is standing, here is the son who senses the coming of that despicable man. I think you missed Ertuğrul Gazi, dad. Vote! I’m Ertugrul Bey. No, no son The eye misses what it hasn’t seen.

She longs for him. son. I see my Ertuğrul Bey

in Osman. His every state, every stance every look is on him, son. One’s son either sees such valiant people or does not. My wish for a child is that you will be one of those who see. Look, son, this is not a father’s advice to you it is a testament to your ancestors. Just as I stood behind my Ertuğrul Bey So you can stand behind Osman. Ayşe Hatun.

Should we also take some Turkmen carpets from Mel,

this ancestral land? I knew you would want them too, Gündüz Bey. I had it ready from last night. Thank you babe. Thanks. It is obvious that you are drinking water from Haymana’s spring. Come on, let’s. oh my god. Masallah. I’m Burçin. I’m Aybars. Can’t you go? Besides, we have henna in the evening, there will be more preparations. If you had stayed in the office.

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