Kurulus Osman Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 21 With Urdu Subtitles in the middle of it. Their commanders showed their weaknesses. Let their weakness bring about their end, Kornelia. Since the relationship between their most distinguished commanders, Turgut and Gündüz, is growing more and more, this separation will be bloody. And who will this poison bring to an end, sir? The Mari you’ve been hiding with for years. I buried my father in black soil, my heart burns Osman. He left before he could meet his grandchild. Umur Bey is a martyr.

We are also witness to this. But bear witness that

I will take the lives of those who did this to him.  You are a strong chick. You will overcome this pain. I will always be by your side too. But… now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an account to be settled with Sultan Mesut. All right, Osman. You buried your corpse. It’s time to give an account, Osman! – My Sultan. There is not a single move that I cannot account for, my Sultan! What would you like me to account for?

You took the life of the vizier of Ali Seljuk in front of my eyes!

You did to her what you couldn’t do to me! I won’t waste my breath counting what you’ve done! The only word that comes out of my mouth will be your death order! My Sultan. There was injustice in your decision. If Vizier Alemşah was alive now, he would have told everything. But, but his time is up too. If he does not speak, then others will speak. His Excellency, I am your servant Ali Selcuk, Commander Konur. They will tell you now, my sultan.


I counted my service to Vizier Alemşah as my service to you,

Sultan. I seek refuge in your great forgiveness. Stop babbling, speak the truth, Erbey. My Sultan, Vizier Alemşah, took refuge under your seal and committed various cruelties. Even those I witnessed make his murder obligatory. Who will hold the queen’s rope? His Majesty the Sultan. Vizier Alemşah Osman intended the brain’s life. Isn’t that the right of a rebel who also tried to kill me! Tell me, Barkin, tell me where this job is and how it happened.

I wish I hadn’t come first. I wish I hadn’t put it alone.

Even if there would be death, if they were together, Selvi should have been me under the ground, not you. I have no face to lift my head. Free me from this shame, Malhun girl.  Episode 20 I could not protect Umur Bey. I am afraid of my Lord, I cannot take my life. Relieve me of this burden. – Cut it! I need those who took my father’s life, Barkin! Now stop crying and whining, tell me what happened! Mongols made Mongols. Who were their commanders?

How many were they? Their numbers were many.

I couldn’t see. Neither Umur brain nor one of my alps survived. They martyred my valiants one by one in front of my eyes. While I was fighting with two Mongols, I was injured and fell to the ground. While my eyes were closing, I saw that Umur Bey fell to the ground. Give it time, Malhun. Can’t you see the state of Barkın? He also loved my mother very much. They were slaughtered in front of your eyes. He’s worse than you and me. I buried my father in the ground. Those who killed him will not even have a grave. I didn’t come here to listen to fairy tales, Osman!

I know what I see! You stabbed me in the back!

It’s not a fairy tale, my sultan. Mingiyan will tell everything.  Tell about the collaboration of the vizier and Geyhatu. Tell me how that dagger stuck in the sultan’s back. Talk! These can’t justify you in my eyes, Osman! They say what you want so that you don’t suffer the same fate as the vizier! My verdict is clear! Say what they say is true.

What about the other truth? Why did you deal with Emperor

Andro Nikos? My Sultan. If you ask me to make an agreement with the emperor, then the tekfurs should answer it. Storm! Dear Sultan, Mr. Osman. I’m Aya Nikola, I’m here today only to tell the truth. Osman Bey personally took me to the Emperor, sir. Because he wanted to take both the Emperor and us with him against the Geyhatu and Mongol invasion and scourge. That’s definitely the case. You speak, Mikael Kosses.

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