Kurulus Osman Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles But we will not be the ones who break the contract. Hey go Kaya Obasi. When the children left, we remained silent. But it’s almost time, my mother. When we send the goods to Bilecik we will follow you, I hope, to the plateau. Did the kids really come back yet? No, I did not see. If they had come, they would have heard. Have you seen Aygul? They were hunting with Osman Bey they were late for the drill. The more I see my Orhan, my Alaeddin the fire in my heart grows stronger. The longing of my Aktemur it hurts my heart, mother. Patience girl, patience. No news, Ayşe Hatun? Is it Dönmez yet? I’m Dönmez Bala. He informed me that there is still time. Donmez.

All these years have passed we haven’t even seen his face.

Your test was very difficult too, sister. God give patience. Amen if GOD lets. Amine. Who is it from? Orhan and Alaeddin? Hey mom. There is a girl with them. [Music Plays] They say that Ata’s destiny comes from his son. Has Orhan already hunted big game? either. Son are you okay? I’m fine mom. My son. What happened, are you okay? Who is our guest? [Music Plays] Tell me, son. Weren’t you at training with your father? Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 With Urdu Subtitles. Welcome, girl. malhun. Let my children take a breather they will tell you what they are doing.

Let’s go to the room, my valiants. Take the girl too.

Lets. Come on boy, come on. Welcome. Come. Lets. [Music Plays] Baysungur, you tell me. What happened? We went to hunt rabbits by the creek. They were chasing the girl. We also pelted arrows and fended them off. [Music Plays] Yarhisar Castle. holofira holofira Sorry. Holofira escaped. We couldn’t find it. How could you miss it? Couldn’t you take care of a little girl? We got it right. Someone from Kale Obası appeared before us. We clashed. [Music Plays] Then They took Holofira and fled. Osman! Osman! Go get Holofira to me right away! [Music Plays] My daughter. are you okay? Be good. No one can hurt you here, girl. But first you say who are you, who are you running from? Do not be afraid. This is Kayı Obası.


Surely you have heard of our reputation.

Come on tell us so we know from whom we have to protect you. huh? [Music Plays] Destur! Mr. Osman! Greetings. Aleykum salam. You are welcome, Mr. Here you go. Welcome. [Music Plays] Who is our daughter? It was in the forest with Orhan and Alaeddin, my Bey. The girl was running away from the tekru soldiers. They saved the girl with Baysungur Alp. [Music Plays] Son hasn’t said a word since he came. He’s obviously scared Let him come What’s your name? The father would run away from the soldiers of Yarhisar Tekfuru. My name is Holofira. I am the stepdaughter of Yarhisar Tekfuru. Why are you running? My step-dad wants to force me to marry Tekfuru who will know .

I’m not even old enough to get married yet. Idont want this.

And you didn’t tell your stepdad that you didn’t want to get married? Of course I did. But he said that his emperor’s order would not be disobeyed. He burns me for the Emperor’s favour. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. You’re going to beat me up. But only you will hit the hammer. Now you listen to me. I want to come too. I will not put you in a coma on your own. But one of us has to stay in the camp, Malhun. For our children. We think about our children that Tekfur piece wouldn’t he have pity on the little girl? Well, let’s know his father, what about his mother? Is his mother alive? What mother would use her child for such a dirty job?

We don’t know that much.

Puppy would like to go to Bursa to his aunt. Well said, Bala Ana. All she wanted was to get to her aunt safely. I’m Orhan. But circumstances prevented this. Besides, your father did his best, you know. I promised your father not to chase you. Is this okay now Bala Ana? My soft hearted son. I’m Orhan. Your father made the right decision. Maybe he also knows something. It is not befitting to talk about us. [Music Plays.] Orhan Brother. Orhan Brother, my grandfather sheikh is waiting. We have instruction in the dervish lodge. We will be late.

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