Kurulus Osman Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Urdu Subtitles Again, as in the old days, the gazelle has my eyes, the one who loves the most, runs the fastest Karayel… can you hear what they say to us, but they don’t know that for the sake of love, winds will come, we will work in many lands But now there is İltutan, and İltutan is also very fast . I hope the one who swallows the dust of the Pied does not lose his speed. So you say so. Then Cerkutay Ah Cerkutay Let me give you these pusats, you know, they make me heavy, I need to speed up. You should even give up on speeding, my Osman. The situation is so important. everything goes with justice here Good job Romanos

It was a great job And gold on top of it . What more do I want,

But don’t forget, there is still a lot of gold to be earned. Don’t worry, don’t be defeated by your anger, Ali Bey, even the eye that sees is mistaken here. dead. Says Osman, you don’t even believe in the words of your own alpine. He who gives the verdict with words today will be convicted tomorrow. This is Kayı Oba. Here, cauldrons are boiling. Even the real thing seems to be a lie here. Be awake now. If you are not awake, then no one can wake you up in your sleep of heedlessness. Ali Bey, I will tear Turgut away from you, Osman Bey. Either you bring Turgut’s head and throw it in front of me We would fight a war You would always say for your life Get a life, Osman Bey, To make an unrelated decision is yours,

Mr. Ali, whoever drew you and me into this game,

it is my duty to take his head and throw it at your feet. Tell me, Turgut Bey it will be your turn after us. A little more patience, a little more patience. Since Bala Hatun became the head of the sisters, the arrows shot by the sisters have been unmistakable. It was cooked in Sheikh Edebali’s hearth, Bala Hatun, when Aygül was the first to knead the dough. After that, it is entrusted to Aygül and the sisters. It passes through the crop of the conquerors. I hope you have strength and power. I hope I will convey our trust to the Alps. Holifira also leaves tomorrow. Thank you for protecting me. It was my mother’s necklace,


very beautiful, Fatma! Oh my beautiful girl! – Mother! Oh my beautiful girl.

Fatma, what are you doing here, are you okay? She neither ate nor drank water, we couldn’t stand it any longer, Malhun chick, when you were late. Oh my beautiful daughter. Welcome, my beautiful daughter. When you eat these, you will be imprisoned in the darkness that will meet you with a painful death. Hurry, there are people coming. I know, my sister, the longing for a child is different, thank God, if Osman Bey and my Barkın returned safely, they will return, of course, you will keep your heart at ease, sister – I hope my sister, You did a good job in such a short time . Lets. I said that there is no winner in the war,

here we started to lose. They lose because they kill, we lose because we die.

It was a big mistake to start this war. And unfortunately, it was the only one who made this mistake, Nikola. He started this war and threw us all into the fire unintentionally Tekfur Nikola is fighting for us Are you defending the Turks, Father Hristo What are you saying! Of course, I do not defend the Turks, but my brothers Tekfur Nikola insisted on this war. Here look how we are. If we do not have the strength to fight the enemy, we should open our arms to hug, not to fight. I know that when we approach the Turks in a friendly way, they will also be friendly towards us. Since their intention is not to destroy us, since Tekfur Nikola started this war, let him face the consequences alone. We will not fight, we will be friends, because entering a war we lose will only increase our suffering.

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