Kuslarla Yolculuk In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles

He put all the Muslims there to the sword and made the rest of them slaves. It is very dangerous. something is t dangerous. so that it is not given. so that the Father happily lks at himself and bites. happily he can try to harm us. Then. we also take it in our own way. we put it in. we will squeeze the votes inspect it. Let’s make our preparations accordingly The next enemy mode is on. if we say ft there. East If you haven’t been to the Mediterranean If we want to sail.

we will have to reach as far as Algeria.

it seems that it will be necessary to eradicate oppressors like this Don Diablo. but now our problem is to catch the hat and save İlyas . Now lk. can you talk. this is not possible in a more efficient way. How did he say that there is nothing. he said to me. he had money. he died under him. but he died under it. but it is in our hands. tell him. he should do his best. we say. he tries very hard in his nets. but this did not come out . He has already sent a message to Şehzade Korkut and

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles

wait for my jam despite everything. I ll take it. I neglected and gave it to each of them. They went after each of them. maybe they’ll remove the game club hotels to our opponents. then they’ll go to sleep in plain sight Black Everything depends on the ovary for you and makes him talk You are every song of a Pasha Do you think it’s easy to take your oil. son. I wanted to make you talk about it now. wait. . this is my market Let’s make a treat. God willing . Kemal Reis.


I came to talk about a summer issue that I won’t take

much of your time. Why did you drop the stones and gave justice. Master Justice. Ya you are the state. you know that the field of the State-i Aliye is the courthouse. this world is a garden. and its wall is the state. if it ensures the order of the world. it is only justice. The attack he was killed had Ihlas done and his slaves enough CCR red grapes while the rivers show that he is guilty Thank you. thank you . it made us very happy to see that your intention was his family. By Allah.

I’m afraid Okey Let the real criminals be caught first

so that they are caught first This is a ban You went to death in plain sight. It has not been seen that cruelty has manifested itself in an ilyasta. if he is patient with God’s permission. he will be saved by Allah’s leave. I’m lucky. Inshallah he this Festival you will wear bigger ones . Did you do it. no matter what Allah does. it won’t be solved. Obviously. can you cut your own belly and eat it for myself? But get it done before I get caught. I’ll untie the neck. . and be entrusted to God.

you have escaped from there Father what does he mean.

what did you do. what did he say? Let ‘s see what will happen this summer. Let’s see what will happen this summer. they would try to accuse me. they would try to blame me by slandering and slander . The law should be done immediately. If he doesn’t surrender. it will be his fault. This time. no one can save him alive. Come on. hurry up. find out what he will do. Music Hülya open you won’t find it. it’s not my fault that he will send you a penalty message he r

they like about this part Say this tribe sent it said

it will call us mode on UV Wow does he go to the mountains He is on a diet so Spanish Yusuf we will take him without us Is it the most important or not . they will take the two men sent by Marco Kabil for donkey. where is he going to play I’m just listening I’m just getting angry he was open it was taking them there there is t far here. I have to hurry. if we can’t find the wavelength. we can’t take the joke on the road. we have to take it. constructor. .

write yourself in the fire by escaping this ball.

if that mass is not found. he will have admitted his crime. armor did so when there was no news. and also thanks come Oh. did you see that Yasin has escaped. everyone knows how many uncles kidnapped you. I don’t want that hole. don’t give it to me. what does it mean to miss tomorrow. Hodja. but I will do what is necessary after him. I will do what is necessary. You stop. the soldiers are chasing leventer anyway.

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