Mehmetçik Kut’ül-Amare Season 1

Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetçik Kut’ul Amare Season 1 Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles

Let’s not have time to listen to it. I knew we could breathe gasoline. I won’t . Where did you stay. I had to give the Greek fire supplies in the morning. how did he have to give the Sultan insisted that a flames would go out. Turanshah insisted that if I insisted. he would understand that he was doing secret business. We gave the materials and in the afternn Migros will want to pull the rope for both of us. calm down. I heard that they gave the materials. but don’t worry.

the Greek fire materials will not reach Isfahan in Sencer

either hi a  La this is 79E this  will do it then this is Nuri. check it out in other cars. it’s broken. Let me lk next to you Be careful and do it these esoterics are attacks But we eliminated all of them and we sent the Sultan status fire to the place where we will hide it safely always let your state live forever Let it be my apple of eye I ‘m proud of you If anyone has seen it. it’s been days OK you bring the girl ointment sheshe she got a gift I bought the day we first met dry this wherever he goes.

he is afraid in his heart and carry him as this Shakira

remembers this and adjusted as he gets hurt burn him with longing for a son he Cihangir it’s in your dreams but your absence is subject to when you to your father’s right upper ceremony but sometimes it happens but sometimes you miss it sound This purpose we only knew to meet your mouth it will warm your heart Other than that. you won’t open it God bless this animal when he and melikee are left alone. they talk like daddy daddy and plenty You have never said Daddy finger Daddy My Sultan wants


I don’t know A Scream in your heart to this Telephone.

You will sit and wait for what your father will do . Is the lamb not a lamb? Did you take off the mask from him? We are friends. are you full of stars? If you made a noise to those around you. it wouldn’t be like this. don’t watch the bite o Even the breath we take has become poisonous. even your child will be considered valuable because of your success Lk wherever is seen. Cihangir.

we both got together with our fathers. we will live without

thinking without our hearts I Today evening Fame I hurt you t But by stopping me. the delegation made a big mistake . everyone I will go out in the morning r we join my father. sometimes I have a problem. I saw it. I will tell you. For example. this is efk. he left salt in his vaccines . When the time comes. you will get what you deserve with life . Lk. there will be Dirlik in your home. lk.

wait for my father to stay downstairs. he will dispose of his mother .

where do you go They will give some favors from the palace kitchen. I will knit my house upstairs and this will be given to the newspapers. just like you. This Falcon is a mistake that ties your hands. my Sultan. . the power of this age is in your hands. not in your mind. is the loyalty to the king in the test of the cloths. What is the Shah’s Test tree This is the Shah’s Test It is the greatest of people my sultan is my favorite one attacks the enemies. the drinking Shah decides to

chest the mother of his enemies with patience.

he knows the enemy. one is to find his weak point broke it The Shah starts to get the reward of his patience While the enemies are attacking with the Victory Mushtu. the soldiers of the Shah are slowly taking the side of the enemy. not the mind of the enemy in the War Ark Also. the enemy’s mind in the annex Square is not his mind. His weakness is tab while the enemy wins. he has succumbed to his arrogance and ambition . The pillar of the happy Seljuk State is justice and tradition Yalçın Sultan Melikşah will cheat on the throne and wipe out the Dynasty’s money Yes. now more waters

will reward IP justice has destroyed it. as if it’s not enough.

he wants to take our lands from us with us. we will not leave this land that we have taken away from us . this is unjust and we will turn it upside down and turn our blessed state over to them. We will save my father. hen. we will take revenge. Sultan stop. Do you see. don’t stay Indian. the thirsty Army will raid Isparta tomorrow. do n’t try to raid your city and usurp that sultanate. It’s a shame in the eyes of the net. Oh Mother has united against me until today. You tried to intimidate me.

now you’re going to die. C still Zana won’t make a sound.

Lk. Ziraat said so. the custom came down. Actually. you broke the pope and Sencar esfan. they besieged their remaining soldiers it’s my right to take your very thin head do you have does it haveit itit but we’ve been trying to get it for a short time Hi. then we’ve been trying to get it now because you sound like a vulture I’ll leave it to you I’ll tell you your soldiers

off or properly Forever do it in Aydın then.

you take the dice. Aydın. and we will leave our sword right. We will leave an incompetent Eminem to their speed. Become a friend to their speed . We are in your nasty eyes for sure . First I will lk like this and Inspect this is the decision later I’ll give you a greeting. say hello. and say hello to who’s it will be a It’s like that. On a day of mourning. this restlessness was as much as a kiss.

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