Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

how many times have we sprayed him. right? What are you doing to me? is he sleepy like a child? Come on. you’ve eaten me since the morning. kill me. I’m bored. I ca n’t hear your own thinking. Ya Ali. I’m a dervish. what happened? Then I will work two of you. I will take you to our side. you will be executed. there is the third one. .

the possibilities are unlimited as long as this world returns.

You know him well. Oh. he’s on the coffee table. Ok right turn off that helicopter is waiting for you We’re going to do the middle part. we’re both doing these things for the first time. certain things came as Burak. both our lives are in each other’s palms. it’s easy to swap He left the place. contact me quickly Samsun knows you’ve been captured by Türker.

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

getting into the island call in hours later He tells me I ll put it in You hehe You pray one of those children if nothing happens He what’s up [ Music] 11.30 days I’m going home in space Samsun kidnapped him in exchange I offer you to stay in Turkey and return the men at work. It’s unacceptable then it s the two health manners of the men and going to save them.

lk how I care to cancel the things in Cyprus

not even but this is my last offer if you stay in Ankara i will kill you samsun for this is so important for you If you’re going to die. he’s my brother Samsun Whoever takes it. won’t give it back. He knows you this Hello I listen No no no. hello who are you ?

You are doing my love on January

on the terrace in front of the pigeon cage You gave the palace and liberal knows maybe tomorrow maybe even closer than tomorrow o raffey Ankara When is the trip Who knows maybe tomorrow maybe even closer than tomorrow This is how you didn’t see of didn’t say anything but I will find you It’s urgent than anything. only you can help me yes Let’s go. let’s this city Episode 1

You let ‘s see the news. brother Cemal.

Mujahid who will know. this is Ankara. greetings my brother . if this phone is real. I had to forgive you at all Ke mal We know you brother. we have vomited bld for three years. so we tk your picture on the wall of your house when the streams were drawn . I didn’t know that you loved me this much. what if he lived. where are you? Raufbey learned the phone number we talked to from the flags He knows that you are alive Kemal lk. you will not tell anyone this

You won’t tell anyone including Dervish. including İnci.

why is it necessary? What happened. he told me that he’s breathing. tell me. I’ll ask you for something right now . if you want it. I won’t give it. brother. so you’ll get it on Samsung You will release the Samsung killer who killed dozens of people with my word we heard this Mr. Prime Minister No man who is prime minister. he is a research task. My profession is Engineering.

Who is the experience? very important developments are taking place in the street. he is mixing with the putschists on the street. Just yesterday. he will suppress this business with the team and form the government in two days.

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