Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 In Urdu

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles


Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles. going to make a landing in Cyprus  Here. my dear Prime Minister. the hall is ready. but believe me. Flame Greece will either take its soldiers away or the Turkish army will come and enter Cyprus gray Never including all of them from the island Sucu Batar this was the decision of the Greek junta himself d to the Lord l de What will you do if one of these children exposes us. you will kill me anyway he won’t you we’ll send them to end your suffering You’re sure you don’t lk like an idiot I ‘m Ankara’ either it lks pr Barcelona I disagree with Istanbul This thing is very appropriate to be the capital of the Republic of Turkey speech you will applaud concentrated ankara-konya that’s it  and this is done

I’m frying valid reasons the table has been pulled

I am here I’ll need it later on so do n’t worry sn you’ll need me after I take you there yes I need to get your gun not to kill you has a time It’s hard to find a lion obviously you love the lies You’re playing against me. maybe my dear. . Samet. so that your greetings will not be left to anyone’s hands. in order not to be at the mercy of conscience . Yes. sir. sn. and there is still no news. brother. where does it come from. summer. you ate stop yourself. stop. stop. scter times. you re officially happy. brother. you ate it while blushing. there is a system. it will take the same You did a great job in getting him caught Come on. I hope they did your dressing. No. don’t do it for me . it will hurt you Yes I’ll find my thing for a pair of pants. but it’s your family. that golden dhikr and I’ll check your brain. tell me Black. Makkitv

It’s your palace Yes.

I knew it cold. let’s talk about these works. let’s talk I won’t meet God God God I’m going to my rm I ‘ll take you without listening to this how is the situation I’m packing up he is tight now his mind stays gd Just like that he keeps asking you always a Thank you dear gum shepherd’s gift you give us a lot of effort at home here I came back to life Now Bekir. my science leg is separate. by the bombardment of Turkish jets we are taking action to end it Are you ready to fight Are you ready or hehe a [Applause] let’s see he’s just doing it ha miss you bro are you ok bro are you ok my hero brothers i miss you t Come on. come on. don’t lie there. the man who misses me is the breath he takes I saved my brothers and sisters by remote control to the British headquarters. I don’t have a problem.Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

I just want war. that’s all. what about you tonight?

Mujahid will increase for his brother. though. not only tonight. but every day. this evening. aleyküm. are you using İzmir?  and earrings happy No this length we meet in 12 hours heo sign up Hi hi bro I called I’ll call you bro but don’t quit this is it started God damn underground United Nations nice Fire opened let me love your eyes. shut up. this Aydın Aytaç Radio Bosphorus is going to attack. there is work in the throat Come on. is very gd. hurry up. they are coming They will put pressure on the evening everyone collect guns t Greek and Armenians live together. now I love it. If he says.

I will break this radio again. this Ordinary.

there are internal issues that need to be dreamed of. An appointment will be made by diplomats. but finally. I would like to express that until we meet. the Cyprus situation will make any mass attack against the Turks. pays double the price this my friend means your confrontation i will let your greek counterpart know the dates when it is available Best regards to all of you and our great people Let’s see now let’s see some of you attack inside this is his right this mujahid buys time for everyone to get back to this rm and we pass with all the preparations. Doctor the little ones take or tie your orders . the flags on all four sides of the man Elif’s started to prepare for war Wait let’s see if this is all covered or covered. no matter how they accept it. what will they instruct you after the intimidation I think you guys it’s not me. come as sn as possible. chest with them this prime minister of Mrs. called.Mendirman Jaloliddin Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

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