Milat Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Milat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Milat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Milat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles Torumtay’s death is important, however. Berke Khan is a mighty, just and honest ruler, but he is also a demanding one. It will be no easy task to explain his envoy’s death to him and convince him of the culprit. But every difficulty has its own solution. It is our duty to tell him the truth. Allah will ensure he trusts our word, Abdurrahman. – Let’s get to it. – Very good, my Bey. Come on, brothers.

Milat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

with our army for almost a month. And while there are many animals you could have hunted for their meat or fur, you have only hunted crows. Why is that? This crow is a mimic. It can mimic a wolf’s howl, a lion’s roar. It can even mimic a man’s voice to mislead a hunter. When it sees a dangerous hunter approaching, it immediately makes the sound of a predator.

The other predators hear it and then kill the hunter

they’ve been lured towards. This bird gets rid of its hunter. and then eats his flesh. You must clear these birds from the forest first, so you won’t be hunted while you hunt. Where is the hunting army? We have encircled the three hills, my Khan. We’re closing in. But the game has managed to escape from some of the army units. They’ve let the game escape? Do these men think that hunting is just a pastime? Do they not understand that hunting replicates the conditions of war? My Khan, visitors from Seljuk lands have come here to meet with you. – Ambassadors?


Ertuğrul Bey, bey of the Kayıs my Khan Ertuğrul Bey?

Why would he come in person, my Khan? It must be something very important if Ertuğrul Bey himself has come. – Bring Ertuğrul Bey to my tent. – As you command, my Khan. I want you with me when I talk to him, Kıyat. Punish the men who let the game escape. Those who couldn’t contain the game today will never hold the enemy tomorrow. We’re returning to the hunting tent! The Kayıs took your bey from you. And now they have stolen our gold, the gold that would have made your tribe rich.

Will we make the Kayıs pay Yes! Ertuğrul deserves to die.

We will avenge our bey! We will avenge him! We will avenge him! They might be what remains of the Mongols. But what is Sırma Hatun doing with them? What are you up to, Sırma? If you are following my brother’s path… I will never forgive you. I have been hunting birds with Berke Khan. I catch my prey earlier than he does, and I always will, Kıyat. Berke Khan isn’t after the small birds he shoots, Arıkbuka. He uses them as bait for much bigger prey. Ertuğrul came to see Berke Khan. And you followed him all the way back. Tell me, Arıkbuka, what’s going on? Ertuğrul knows about you.

Don’t be alarmed, he doesn’t know your name.

He’s bound to tell Berke Khan. It’s your job to take all necessary precautions. I’m just keeping you informed. Did you get your hands on the supplies Berke Khan sent to Ertuğrul? – We have it all. – And Torumtay? Dead. His envoy has been killed and the supplies he sent stolen. Milat Season 1 Episode 4 In Dubbed Berke Khan won’t like this one bit. I know what to do. Berke Khan has gone to great lengths for this alliance. If he still trusts Ertuğrul despite everything that’s happened… there’s only one option left. Ertuğrul and Berke Khan die. The reason I am here is to kill Ertuğrul. You take care of Berke Khan.

I hope you make a better job of killing Ertuğrul here

than you did in Anatolia, Arıkbuka. Ertuğrul He’s tough. But my teeth are tougher. Don’t worry. You have to learn how to cook your game better, Arıkbuka. Otherwise, it might break those teeth. Umur alps! Drop your weapons and surrender. Why would we surrender to you? That man is a Mongol. You know what happens to those… who work with Mongols. Don’t make the same mistake as your bey. Don’t die as traitors, surrender! Will you listen to the woman who betrayed your tribe, or will you avenge your bey?

Revenge! May I come in my Khan Enter, Kıyat.

Where were you, Kıyat? The hunt only happens once a year. – You should enjoy it. – State affairs, my Khan. As men who have dedicated themselves to the state, Milat Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles we can never be at ease. We may only rest when the state apparatus is running smoothly. When my brother Batu Khan founded this state, the top of his tent was decorated in gold. It symbolized the sun shining over our state. For our state, you are a ray of light from that sun, Kıyat. Thank you, my Khan.

I came here to inform you of news we have just received from Anatolia.

I’m listening. What is the news? The aid you sent to Ertuğrul Bey. has been seized by Hülagü Khan’s men. – How did this happen? – I don’t know. But… Ertuğrul Bey has obviously messed up the arrangement. It’s clear now why he’s here. The supplies we sent have ended up in the hands of our enemy. Who knows how Hülagü Khan must have mocked us when he heard about it.

These men have tarnished our reputation, my Khan. There is still no word from Torumtay. God willing, the same fate hasn’t befallen him. There have been no such setbacks in the exchanges we’ve had with them before. Milat Season 1 Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

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