Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go after the other rebels. If there is any news that will be useful to me, then do not withhold it from me. What works for you will also benefit me, Osman Bey. The enemy is an enemy. You will all fall into the hands of Osman. I will deliver you. When we are done with Osman, you will all get your reward, lots of gold, lots of horses. They will question you.

I’m sure they will leave it for blood Come on ladies,

set aside the goods that will go to Söğüt Bey, I had my doubts about it, did it increase or decrease? He is setting up a pocket game Osman is nearing the end he can’t get rid of this clamp I want more than anything to see Osman die Romanos let me know I ‘m getting impatient I won’t leave Job That’s what we need.

Ninety-nine names of the Almighty Allah,

who fills our hearts with the light of faith when we say “We Will Know, We Will Know” , Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Ali Bey turned his face towards us and the emperor raises a large army against us, everything seems to be against us. Teskilat Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv But none of these will prevent us from conquering Yenişehir. Osman Bey, I have been standing behind him for all these years, first of all, I know that you are a cautious person. I’ll take a look at this sentence, this is what the gentlemen are wondering, why is the haste.

This is the great measure Emperor Andro Nikos

personally handed me the surroundings of Yenişehir and now he will gather the army there. He will strengthen his defense. How do you know that, Osman Bey? I know well how he thinks like my enemy, I guess. This is the reason for our haste. To take Yenişehir before it gets stronger. It’s not the time to sigh because there are people who broke up with us because an army will come against us. If we do, then we may face greater consequences. But, sir,

you have two castles we could gain superiority

with a defensive war, my Bey, Barkın, I grew up apart from my master due to my duty . But I have never forgotten that, you know very well, Mr. Barkın, defense is only necessary when a defeat is imminent. Bey, we are following your orders. You have always supported me until this time, now you should return to the camp and start preparations for the war Here you go. Let’s go to see these captives. I hope you have a son who will make you taller, Teskilat Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv



Bala chick Amin my Selvi It’s beautiful Mother,

was I that much? Hey, you were a tiny little boy, you were like an angel, my daughter Ayşe, are you okay Zehra, let me give you water Ayşe Buyur Ayşe lady, you didn’t eat anything today or it’s because of her, do you want me to prepare a meal for you Ayşe, do you want to breathe, Is there any news about the Aygül’s wedding? It’s not over yet, Malhun toy continues. Ali Bey’s departure was not good at all. I don’t know, Osman Bey,

I wish he had delivered It doesn’t matter.

Protecting Turgut until this game is ruined is the debt of Kayı Obasi You say right, Turgut Bey and his band were always with us in our difficult times. My lord, these were the guard alps, my lord, the duty was on these brothers. Say, alps, how did it happen? You look at me, I trust you completely. Obviously, there is something else in this business. Do you think it’s Cebe’s job, sir?

We’ll see we’ll see Cerkutay But who wants to

kill the rebel Mongolian dog and why? I don’t know, my brother, time will tell. He who gives sheep today gives his flock, tomorrow gives his flock Who gives his alpine to his brother #NAME? guard alps did not make it, our camp cannot be poisoned. There is no one to do this in the alps on duty, my lord. He brings the prisoners to his evening, the prisoners die.

Even if he sends the Seljuk sultan,

there will be no trust, but why should he poison the prisoner he brought himself , Why would he bring it if he poisoned him? They want to gain our trust. That’s why he brought it, but he didn’t let him talk, obviously he’s making a trick. Keep your eyes on him. Come, come, come I’m sorry, we didn’t interrupt, no, you are welcome, you are welcome, my Kuzum Konur Aktemur Turgut,

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