Teskilat Series With Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv

Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv I fought valiantly but could not protect it. This is my shame. They’re unaware! We will give many martyrs, do you hold every survivor accountable? Keep it up, Mr. Barkin. Söğüt is the heart of Kayı. He can’t even protect her. We came here to rush to restore the ends. We will not give allegiance to Osman because our lords have been lost. If Başa is a gentleman, I am a poor suitor. I’m poor. But Obama will be Mr. God bless you Ibrahim Fakih. Thanks. He also started to breathe. Let’s give this too. Healing is from Allah, my daughter. We were just instrumental. You will understand at a glance. Are you very interested in these merits?

Science is knowing. The poison is part of the realm.

Alhamdulillah, we saw that he learned his knowledge. First my sheik, now Cornelia. How do we pay our debt? If you stay in our camp today, don’t go out. Osman will also come. He will also wish to see you. Ibrahim Faqih. – Mr. Osman. I owed you one life… now it’s two. Come to my room for dinner. May you exist, Osman, but today has been very tiring. Please excuse me tonight. Cornelia was the last to see Mari and the one who brought food to the lodge. We suspected him because of that, but now Cornelia has been poisoned, sir. The traitor came out of us. Zehra already has no one.

Who will come to mind and make this work?

We’ll find out when we talk. What do you think, mother? Until this time, I always doubted Cornelia, son. But now I’m sure it’s Cornelia that spills the poison. He said to Bala that I did not touch the oil, but he added the vaccine to the pot. Oh my Ayşe, oh she got the vaccine from my Ayşe too. You think he poisoned himself when he realized that Bala was suspicious of him? Do you think he did this even at the cost of death? He died before our eyes. It does, it does. And again, İbrahim Fakih was brought up. Whenever we get stuck, İbrahim Fakih comes to the rescue . Ahh son ah! See, your brother is innocent.

My sons went nowhere. Mother, I couldn’t tell you, bless you.

What? Gunduz Bey and Ayşe Hatun are both safe and sound. Son! Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv – Thank god! But no one will know. The enemy will attack secretly, and we will fight with them secretly. Just the alps and you. Honey, we need to hold the grudge against us. But you still make Zehra talk. Don’t worry, sir. Destur! Is there any sir? Come on Cerkutay. Oh my nephew has come. Come on, lion piece! Come here! Kayi Alp! You have become a great soldier, mashallah! Mashallah to my valiant. Oh my god! Lion piece! It would grow bigger when he slept, but what did I tell you, Cerkutay? You said you were asleep.

Why didn’t he sleep? Didn’t sleep crazy girl didn’t sleep!

He lit the tent for the sake of mother! Mashallah, mashallah to my valiant, did you burn the tent because you are mother, huh Kayi? Gold does not work on them. Nor does poverty scatter them. Why did we distribute the gold then? – Barkin. We distributed the gold for show, Barkın. But this show was a show of brain that would not be greedy for the maple. Showing off that you’ll be a gentleman who will never be arrogant. You will promise them, Barkin. You will give them a dream. They will sleep with that dream and wake up with that dream. They love peace, they love peace.

Peace loves unity, but they know that all of this is to destroy the enemy,

the infidel, the oppressor. That’s why Barkın, you will promise them wisdom. Mind. The mind is our weakness. You will strike them from their weaknesses. What does he talk to the jurist so fervently, as if Barkın has a case to be heard ? We don’t know what their case is, but we keep an eye on them. Sure it smells. Alps! This road leads to İnhisar. but the back of the walls we will reach is not only Monopoly! Behind those walls is İnegöl. Yesterday, Geyhatu Vizier Alemşah, today we have other enemies! Obviously, as long as we do not have a state in these lands, they will try to divert us from our path.



The time has come! It is time for other conquests!

Allahu Akbar!… O Allah! Oh God! Barkin Bey, you are here, Selvi chick is here. Where is Umur Bey’s daughter Malhun Hatun? Malhun chick is at rest, if she felt better, she would undoubtedly be among us. Are we going to choose Umur without the daughter of the head of the brain group? Her brother İvaz’s daughter is here, isn’t it enough? Now I aspire to the title of gentleman of both tribes. As I see, there is no other valiant aspire to the principality. That’s why we have a wedding here so that the tradition can find its place. He is not in front of him, he is dealing with bigger things. But you have an opponent, Mr. Barkın.

Speak, who is it? Osman is Bey, Malhun Hatun is Osman Bey’s wife.

Umur Bey has entrusted it to us. Therefore, Barkın Bey, we, as Kızılbeyoğlu beys, want to be subordinate to Osman Bey. These are maples too, come on. – Mr. Hassan! Are you afraid of me? I’m not afraid, Mr. Barkin! Yes. Yes. But you are afraid of Osman Bey. He’ll be sacrificing to take her in front of him. Does anyone who thinks about the salvation of his oba become subject to any other oba? Teskilat Season 2 Episode 33 In Urdu Subtitles By Makkitv  Mr. Hassan! I did not give those coins to you so that you would reject them. I gave them to make the strange ghoul in the camp rejoice! It is clear from your rejection of maples that you do not care about the people.

Now let me ask you guys. Do you want Osman Bey,

who is incapable of protecting the people next to you, as your chief… Or Barkın, who disregards his own life for your safety? Say your ratings. Our vote is Mr. Barkın. My opinion is also Mr. Barkın. My opinion is also Mr. Barkın. Hasan Bey, İvaz Bey, has chosen Barkın as his son-in-law. He is the one who sees the truth. My name is Mr. Barkın. – Thanks. Reyim Barkın is Mr. I feel sorry for your sister, tekfur Kosses. However, by marrying a Turk, she prepared her own end. I avenged my sister Mari, Tekfur Mateus. I sent Osman’s brother to hell where he belongs. But if you make such an insinuation again, I will send you with you.

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