Teskilat Season 3 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 In Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 In Urdu SubtitlesTeskilat Season 3 Episode 52 In Urdu Subtitles

Why are you doing this yourself, teacher Omar Bin al-Khatab says. “If a dog by the river Frat dies thirsty. So I’m responsible for that too” Right. The death of this woman. I didn’t even know his condition while the judge was. I am also equal in this sin. Don’t consider yourself bad. What happened

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 Trailer In Urdu Subtitles

What is the event؟ Someone entered Darishfa and. A close al-Mouth killed a man with a sharp tool. Nearly Al-Mouth person. This is revenge-absolutely- But the device used is not common. What is he? I will investigate more about it We will find it. .In God . Reza He has become an assistant to Asad Pasha. Well. He should be under me. He can’t run away now.

Teskilat Episode 52 In Urdu Subtitles

Let him feel that he is safe now. His number will also come. Come on. Mr. Judge Sit down, Hassan. Unfortunately, another accident has occurred. A while ago. Two roads from here, he was also daggered. Who is he؟ What did There is a bully named Ahmed. Come on, let’s go. .Pasha sir Banker Murad Afandi is waiting in your office. Do you like teacher enforcement

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I want her like my son. He is like me too, he has no one else. Dear Enforce trades for me, I do my job as my support. That is, the teacher is a good man in force, is that it That worldI am grateful to you for your patience. The Sultan has allowed the base of the bank in the context of the Ottoman Empire. Of course our bank will have a complete justification for printing Ottoman cash. Naturally,

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the bank will need a president. Is that what it is, Murad Afandi So you should be the president of the bank again. Of course if you accept it. In fact, gentlemen, Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 I am proud of your trust. I will try to do this complimentary job better. At the same time, our bank will be eligible for economic loans. That is, you will decide who will be rich in the Ottoman Empire and who is poor

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 In English Dailymotion

You know better, sir Boris Zaharias is a banker in Ghalata. Won’t you visit – Yes why not- What about Asad Pasha I think they are well. I would love to tell you, while you are founding a large bank in the Ottoman Empire. How did you guys succeed so secretly While you are there, this work is no longer secret. Man has the right place at the right time. What do you want, Boris Zaharias؟ From the permiss of your logo, I would like to join the participants with the base of this bank.


Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 Urdu Subtitles

Boris Zaharias I did research in your case. You suddenly appeared twenty-five years ago. You developed very quickly. There are also dangerous rumors about you. I think if we will listen to such rumors. So we’ll see everyone in this room on the other side. You’re not wrong, it’s about money. This basis raises my curiosity, Zaharias Who is your family Where did you come from

Teskilat Episode 52 Urdu Subtitles Dailymotion

We have no information about this. Working with someone whose origin is not known breaks my principles. I have no doubt when you don’t know who I am. You guys know what I can do. I hope you, sir You will be kind to think about my offer. It is said to be Na. Co-do your enemy with you So that he may become your friend. Where did we get Don’t shake at all. Whose honor is it in

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Well you don’t remember, Zaharias When something like that hit the human neck. His memory is discovered. If you take it a little away. Okay fine now. Teskilat Season 3 Episode 51 In Urdu It was enough that you didn’t need them all hoping to climb me. You have not changed at all. Still disrespectful. I mean, we know each other. Man is said to not give up his traits. What can I do for you

Admire Custom Director Do you remember You want to be rich,

right You want to be rich, right Don’t let my children get involved in this matter. That’s why I don’t like to leave any witnesses behind me. Who will try to take revenge later. Take it away, the stimulus is very sensitive. You don’t look well. If you want, we walk to the doctor. This is tuberculosis, I am on the verge of death But before dying.

There was a very important order for you.

What did these women need to be fed up and the environment was damaged She deserved it. If you are not satisfied. We are accustomed to doing our job very carefully. I’m sure no one can do this except you. You just have to be careful. Some things are difficult, we’ve spread rumors. Until tomorrow. It was not needed. Mager thanks.

Did we look at what we were sent carefully The guards

have changed, at the escape sites. Has my work been completed What you want through a horse car. Are you sure there is nothing else Art. If something went wrong with this. So you will reach. Bring what we want, the owner is ready. Don’t worry, you won’t have anything.

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 52 In Urdu Subtitles

To a man named Raza I do not know. Raza. As far as I find out, he eats here. That is, you do not remember.Right My memory is very weak. Got it. Fish, great for the mind. What Speaks or not All right, brother John. Reza, yes I remember, come on. I will send you on a trip. Who are you. You’ve started bothering me more, what’s this now . Death watch hold on . Stand up, and don’t shake at all, calm down.

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