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Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles when I will be By the way. admiral . I’ll have another very precious gift for you to This Send a message Gd night. you think I didn’t understand she’s leaking her daughter but now I think about it I don’t need to give your women live This is enough if I just send their heads E we came here to die give We will do it yet But you don’t suffer. I ‘ll be behind us and I’ll do whatever it takes to take our revenge and save you and

Tozkoparan Iskender 1071 In Urdu Subtitles

there’s only one thing left to cut off their heads 15 Yes now I’m going to be He didn’t say his last word if that will come to us it’s all over Brothers you’ll all be upset about it now he he he he he Welcome welcome in this case there are idiots.and do you have this shahbaz’s o You you will pay for selling me Gabriel o Clap is there or uncle save o this Finally you came friend League

will try to relieve longing Brotherhd  Music I’m going

to bed what did I do then God bless this war it rained thank you hehe also Sold the same situation. his wound is very heavy we will take him to the castle immediately he Let me see you It’s getting hungry hungry. I came here for peace. If I had come here for war. would I have delivered shamp to you? None of them. There is no one who can organize this attack except you.

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Is it the most important thing that you said.

“Is it the most important thing in Venice?” At the time of Prince Korkut’s kethüda. Bey was shot . You have a suspicion that the suspects will withdraw from me. Music thank god we found you. if you don’t have time. maybe Pasha’s aide-de-camp had folk dances prepared for you. we will run away with him. . . will it be very painful. . but I think you will never be able to use me he how is that situation huh. we did our best. but who are you not year after year. well I’ll let you know.

don’t ask me later Call me if it’s full .

Don’t say that. don’t you say that Karaoğlan . I wish he would die . while meeting like lions. this is an enemy. he will sell quickly. quickly No my love . I would not be lucky to be a martyr. Yes now this video is here in Sheriff. don’t tell me whether I will go with a brother’s bullet or not . It belongs to someone who cperated with the enemy you call Brother. It is a wound that you received for the sake of the cause by hearing it. My hand that shot you has no difference in rhyme. You will take it as a brave man who gave his life for his sake. my first prayer is that the mawma will compare you with your deeds.

I hope this hungry this is what I don’t want to tolerate

It will get better. I hope we will be patient. we will do our best. Oruç Reis. this will not pass. Tears we will manage Oruç Reis Let you get gd news inshallah We will go out fasting come on I want to see this masterpiece I will call me badge But you better come he But this is a bit of Falcon This Challenge Come on my last breath I wanted to say your word to you. Gd luck . you won’t be beautiful like this. you gave it so that you can get rid of it. make your right. don’t stay on the ground.

This will take our revenge. don’t worry what is

our word to you. woman. I will put my eyes behind you and every month more than this love Divine illallah and ashhad mother Muhammeden very strange don’t send photos fast bro Best of luck these teams I will intervene don’t rely on luck in this situation E well 7/23 Kemal Reis ya Hamza Bey tk all the Industry training at that time and gave only one Turkish Morca to them. what did they do Even if I was in the middle. I would say that I started the fit prayer again Everyone’s troubles are over the top You bring it. cut it. Actually. we’ll cut it . let’s pray uncle and Long Live Otherwise.

Both the state and Şehzade Korkut will move back

come home. these elections have sent news. Mr. Hamza this Our son Falcon has always struggled in the way of Truth. on this path. his brother ate bullets. but he gave his life in the path of Truth. this Falcon has become our thing. God Amen Oh my God. this person has the Hawk’s Revenge on him and it’s empty on our neck. I have n’t heard from you yet.

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