Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles But don’t convey unjust wishes to the brain. For unjust consents don’t engage your brain’s heart and mind. Respond to those who ask for the right from you with the title of Cemil of your right. Alparslan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles And the one who asks you to act as an instrument of injustice as Jalil, forbid reject it and even warn. I heard mom. I will listen. Daughter of Sheikh Edebali sister lady Bala Hatun other than that, any advice I’ll give you will be unfair to you.

You know how to speak how to be silent

Where to walk and where to stand. Act as you know. My mother my mother Selcan God bless you. You too, my daughter. Are you okay? All right. I’m fine mom. Thank goodness I’m fine. But what is this Targun Hatun after? Tell me what should I do. We will have our revenge, girl. As I promised you we will take my revenge on those who put us in this situation. Osman Bey has a debt of loyalty. We will pay this debt sooner or later. It’s true, dad. In order to pay our debt we will be closer to Osman Bey. Our raid raids will only hit Rome this time.

I will make them vomit blood. I’ll help you too, dad.

I will be your sharpest sword. We will have the power of Kayılar behind us. Are you sure that Mr. Osman is determined on this wedding issue, girl? I’m going to marry her, dad. I will be his wife. Do what you say. Let’s be relatives with Kayılar. Let the apricot blood mix with the Cuman blood. May a warlike generation come with you. Let my grandchildren be Kayı Bey. They will be, father. Have no doubt. Alparslan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles


I saw our principality. I saw the horizons.

I’ve seen others. Tell me about the beyond, Osman. (The fire of Gaza is burning, my father is burning.) (This fire who wants to destroy and crush Kayılar will burn until the circle shrinks to pieces.) (Informal I will not stop until then.) Kayı will grow. It will grow. Kayı’s enemies will also grow. Next to the İnegöl tekfur many more tekfurs will come. The ruler residing in Constantinople will come in person. Dad there’s no spare time.

We have to establish a new order.

We must reorganize. Say whatever you want, babe. Don’t let it stay inside so you don’t have trouble. I will say. I will say for sure. But I am afraid of what I will hear. Prosecutor did you give your vote to Osman? Emmy cheated on me, Lena. You warned me many times but I didn’t listen to you. He bought the gentlemen for himself. He was going to be Emmım Bey or Osman. I chose Osman over him. So you chose Osman. So you chose Bala instead of Hazal, right? From now on, I’ll have to take Bala’s face is that so, Mr. Prosecutor?

Alparslan Episode 23 In Urdu Subtitles

Our principality is in danger. Osman’s greed and boldness takes us to the abyss. You should have thought of that before choosing him. Destur. Mr. Hodja. my mother. my mother. My son. I ran to you right away. welcome son. I wish I had come earlier. Let me see you. How I missed you. My father. welcome son. I am my lion. My father. my lion. My father thank God. Osman is emmim bey. And you gave your vote to him. What a noble attitude. As your son I am proud I am proud. Of course, Osman should have been emmim bey.

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