Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles It means that Nikola has deployed soldiers to the castle! Come on, braves! Come on, braves! Do not put right! Selamun aleykum. – Aleykumselam. Aleykum salam. – Aleykumselam. We heard that Geyhatu has returned. His intention is to dethrone Argun Khan. First of all… First of all, he wants to gather power in these lands. True Argun is in preparation for a rebellion against Han. He intends to seize the land and establish a giant army. Tekfurs, Turkmen lords, will take them all to their side. Vizier Alemşah also works with him. He wants to bring Seljuks under his rule. Thus, the huge army will become more and more gigantic.

Of course, if you prevent this and do not become a state beforehand.

This is what I breathe. My heart just beats with this! It is a dream of a state that keeps me standing. Then what will you do now? Politics. If they build a game within a game, they destroy the ranks that we say cannot be destroyed , they try to establish the order that we say is harmful to be established . Kayi is ours. Seljuk will be ours too! You will also establish a state here. Osman is a living dead. The Tekfurs were exiled… There is no one ahead of us. A small price to Harmankaya I will make you a state here. I destroy the state, I create a state. What’s your offer, Geyhatu?

Don’t you want to resurrect holy Rome in this land, Nikola?

A lot, a lot! If you serve our interests and remain loyal to us, Geyhatu will provide them to you. But first Osman must die. His mother will come to the dervish lodge to see the Selcan lady. Let Osman die, the rest will be discussed later. Soldier! Selcan mother Kayı’s valiant mother. If I don’t take the head of those who did this to you with my double mischief… We will get brothers, with Allah’s permission. May my Lord grant us to take revenge of all the oppressed from those oppressors. Amine. – Amen. No dishonor will go unpunished, Turgut. Whoever caused this pain, I swear, will squirm in pain. Thank you, Kosses.


Alparslan Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Sir. Brother! Brother… Sir. I will take your extended tongues together with Osman’s head. You will never worry. Then you’ll see what it’s like to rot. Bring these! Open their faces! Vizier Alemşah… Whoever has an iota of evil in his heart will receive his reward in the hereafter. You will too. My Lord will not leave all your accounts to the end. There are many brave men who will see your account. Your reckoning will be tough . Their punishment will be great. But when the time comes. I thought only our cities and fortresses were covered with tunnels and secret passages like this. Sir.

The bottom of Söğüt was like an anthill.

You never know what will be needed and when. Now this place has brought us to the death of the vizier. Alps, you listen well, Kosses. Detain and hide in silence the soldiers you come across. Tonight will be the end of the Vizier. But other than that, no one will be hurt. Turgut. – Thanks. Lets. Lets. Come… Come and see Vizier Alemşah Come… Inform Ferman Geyhatu and inform him that Osman is coming. Konir Celali, you go to the cemetery, put people everywhere. Playmaker’s dogs! Behave! Osman will not be able to leave the cemetery. Have no doubt, your majesty. We will bury Osman in his own grave.Alparslan Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Would you think that your sneaky games will continue, Vizier Alemşah? I didn’t have a puss before, Osman. By killing me, you will prove your treachery to the world. Soldiers! You tried to make me a sultan’s murderer with your games. Now you want me to stop killing you? Hypocrites… are in the lowest strata of the fire. You won’t find a helper to get them out of there. twenty two

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