Barbaroslar Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles Good bye, girl. he most fierce trackers of the polytheists came to the front of the cave they were in. There was not an iota of fear in the heart of our Prophet. Because Allah Almighty said in the verse He sent down to him that the truth is the best of those who make mischief. We believe that Allah is the best of those who make mischief. and he is always with his servants. In this world, neither oppressor nor oppression has an end. Every trap set by the oppressors will be eliminated if a believer takes precautions and puts his trust in his Lord.

malhun. Osman. You’re fine, thank you very much.

I am good. I am good. You are fine. I’m fine, you’re fine, nothing will happen to me. What’s that? There is a wound. It’s not important, Osman. malhun. You have to climb. I’ll do it, you rest. You have to climb. OK, hold on. Be slow. Don’t tire yourself. Bismillahirahmanirahim. My brave lady. come on. Osman. As long as you are by my side, no difficulty can break me. Like that. be there. be there. You always stand behind me like a mountain. I don’t get tired for a second, Osman. I will not be destroyed for once. The end of this dark road is light.


With the help of my Lord, we will get out of here too.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles I hope Osman. Hopefully. I’ve been waiting for this moment since the Turks killed my family , Rogatos. I haven’t gone a day without thinking about killing them . I trained the angels of death for this . Each one was born to kill. I know, Julia. You are a great warrior, and so are your soldiers. But your greatest weapon is your revenge. My family died so that the Turks could not enter these lands I will complete the work they left unfinished.I will wipe them from this land. Target me. I couldn’t have found a better job for this job. You’ll get your revenge before long, Julia. My God. (I seek refuge in you from all kinds of troubles.) Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles (O my Lord!)

 There is no other door to which we can turn.

(Don’t turn away empty-handed, my Lord.) Amine. The Turks! I will bring your end. with my hands! You took my family from me. And I’m not going to die without taking everything from you . You will die Turks! You are all going to die. The reason will be my poison. Osman Bey said that he would take the remaining properties of the Turkmens and cover their losses. I hope the first batch will arrive today. Alhamdulillah, Osman Bey, this sentence gives hope to Turkmen. They may want to take advantage of Osman’s absence. Our enemy is not one.

Take the precaution, my Gunduz. Mother,

you should not worry. The Alps are unbelievable. We are here too. You keep your heart at ease. No one will be alive. I work for Rogatos, you know. You will survive because you will be of use to us. Rogatos and Koses are waiting, hurry up! Lets! Yeah yeah! Slow, slow, slow. Despite all these precautions, they set up an ambush on our way. There is obviously a traitor in our camp. Then let’s go back to the camp quickly, sir. No, there are many trustees of the tribe. We will go to Iznik. But first of all, it is necessary to find the alps safely. In this state, sir? You got up, but you’re not well. I will not go to that camp empty-handed. People expect good news from me.

Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles

Big forest. We will find it, Malhun. We will find it. Cankutay. Yiğit must have thought of something. Lets. What did you do bro? Did you find a trace?  If we can’t find our master, he will find us, brothers. Lets. My crazy brother. Well done Rogatos. Your carpenters really did a great job. Now all that remains is to confiscate those trade cars in order to enter the Kayi tribe . It was the duty of your beautiful angel. Do you think they succeeded? You still shouldn’t have doubted after yesterday’s show, Koses. And they should have arrived already, Rogatos.

Here they come. Are you sure it’s them Rogatos?

Aren’t they Turkmens? Dear Tekfurs! We are ready to enter the chamber. What about poison? It’s ready as you ordered. It will be the end of every Turk I come across. As far as I can see, you have completed your preparations. Certainly. He will accompany you in the restaurant. Then all that remains is to collapse into Osman’s obsession like a nightmare . Mr. Turgut. Mari what are you doing here? I am here at the request of my brother, the ultimate Koses.

What did your brother want? Barbarossa Season 1 Episode 20 In Urdu Subtitles He couldn’t come, did he send you? Is he that afraid of us? Nhai Koses is not afraid of anyone, Turgut Bey. As for my reason for coming… Are you okay, Osman? I’m fine I’m fine. Alps. Alps.

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