Bir Zamanlar Kibris

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles And now Osman’s new target is Bursa and Bursa. or this is the door that opens, we need to deliver urgent information to my Yenişehir Bey p apaz lord But we need to stop this herd of dogs We will protect Yenişehir We will not give way to the Turks Because if we let the Turks pass through here we will betray our past Will the great Roman soldier betray Rome Will he not let the Turks pass Let your sword be sharpened by your hatred May every Turkish head we cut be a gift to Rome Long live the great Rome, long live the great Rome, long live the great Rome… Gentlemen, we formed the toy, we consulted, we formed the game, we made the move. But there is no need for other words,

we will set out tomorrow and besiege Yenişehir Is there a Destur, my lord,

Gelesin Turahan? An envoy came from my Bey, Çobanoğlu Ali Bey, Here you are, Selamunaleyküm. If you don’t, you will incur the wrath of Ali Bey . Destur – Alps Let’s stop. We will fight for conquest, but you will think about your personal calculations, so it will be. Turgut Bey has agreed to give his life for this cause. Is it okay, my lord? – Oh… Let it be so . Boran – Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 1 In English You can accompany the ambassador, my lord. The order is yours, my lord , I will gladly convey it to you, my lord, Osman Bey, you made the right decision, Osman Bey , such issues should be closed from the thesis on the way to conquest. This is the right thing. It will be like this, we will give Turgut Bey, we will take Yenişehir Sir, what is your move for Yenişehir

I will settle in Akbıyık area near Yenişehir with my Alps

and the others will take the valiant men with them and be with Konur. When we start the attack, you will follow us. Walk Osman Bey. I was coming to your tribe to convey the news from Çobanoğlu Ali Bey. I want Ali Bey’s son, Prince Mustafa, and the murderer of Atabey Ahmet, Turgut Bey. If you do n’t give, Ali Bey will come with his army. Ambassador Osman Bey, I am only the ambassador. Ambassador, I will hear you when you come to my wedding. What do you want to say, Osman Bey Ali Bey does not see the truth, a game is going on and they are covering up the truth. But I will show that truth. You will do what I say for this cause .



Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles

who is mad with anger. Take our Alps guests to the tent, do not miss anything , the price will be very heavy. The eye that does not see the truth has a heavy burden. Whoever is blind, pay the price. Envoy Come on Is Barkın a traitor? He kept quiet. Even if Selvi Barkın did such a thing, Selvi wouldn’t do this to us. Turgut Bey told Selvi Barkın the news that he was going to İnegöl. Did Selvi act as a spy? How is that? Well, she was my sister. Belli was very troubled by her unwillingness. At that time, they learned the location of the ambush from Barkın. Then they killed Ahmet and threw him on Turgut brain, so Ali Bey, who was a friend of Osman Bey, became an enemy.

They want to put us alone. All these years, we have had enemies,

not friends. What? We saw traitors, what would Malhun have a clue about? But would my Selvi know that his soldier was a traitor? Let’s get to Osman, Watch Kurulus Osman Season 5 In Urdu Subtitles I couldn’t tell when he came Let’s get there so that the traitor is punished quickly Is there a Destur – Here you go, my lord, we will come to you, after all, my lord Selvi has given important information. Speak,

I had to, I didn’t do it on purpose I should have never trusted you Osma I shouldn’t have believed Barkın, you think he’s a traitor, Selvi himself confessed that Turgut Bey said he was going to Barkın Apparently, Barkin’s very close friend Ahmet Bey had informed him. What else did Selvi Hatun say ? She didn’t want to be halal So she felt so guilty, she did big things.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 18 in Urdu Subtitles Can my Bey have a hand in the game set up against Turgut Can Barkın have a hand in the game, if he has a finger, he disguised himself well, Ahmet said he was a friend of the brain. We didn’t see any of his mistakes,

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