Bir Zamanlar Kibris

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles they asked him. you are the man who tk ten steps and got tired I don’t like it I don’t like it or all they are watching do you have this are those who don’t know that you tk revenge for the assassination on the chief you were bored bullets I got them from the police return them Isn’t it gd . if you heat a trailer. I would intervene . Boss. this is the boss now I admit that you’re talking about yourself a lot. especially sal I admit. brother.

I throw the last bullet. yours is wasted here.

fear  this old schl works hard But lk. I learned who this terrorist in the first place is. why don’t you tell me from the beginning. I gave you the news that I will die when I get gd news . you will come to my life with the bad news as Hope. Well. at least your title is handsome. Isn’t it yours what if I am yesterday’s teacher then lk mine This term I’m a little sad to make him do this You talk t much. Open the dr. But you are in the hospital. If you want. have your ears checked.

Do you is there a problem on the way back?

We see it. son. you answer t. my father. now there are problems for us. what’s wrong . what happened. a fight broke out The gum to be withdrawn from him. the shepherd’s gift or Bring this. let’s see it’s late. of of this. let’s pack them clean. we’ll replace them. it smelled. no sister-in-law. don’t worry. we’re already clear enough. we provide the service here. let them clean it themselves we ‘ll give it to the cleaning. this tight mom if it’s allowed. I ‘d like to stay in the ward t .

We are together with the  hours a day.

stay here at night anyway I’m okay. my son. we’ll give you something. Thank you. come. come. come. now this is [Laughter] take those golds to a bird. throw away the dirty basket. you will come to the institution. Thank you very much. and if you talk without tatts. my style suits your work. What happened to you. Last time you made a person on the phone Do they say that?

Yes there is you will say that it is t salty like this.

no On the contrary. I was going to say that it was very salty. I was going to say it. stop it. he shouted all that salt at me. I think someone will talk about this wrong word. don’t do it enough. didn’t we come from their palaces anyway. gd luck bro. never mind. to it But mine is Pro steles or not. I’m someone else. a foreigner for about five years. I’m living and working in Turkey with fake passports. get your battery ready and you me where did this come from p Is this the assassination of the master in Ankara.

Is this ballad money playing games with us.

it ‘s possible your son is playing with us. this pastry commander grew up together in Nicosia. the lamb of the earth was taught in Turkish by priests. The password is indistinguishable from a Turk. to the commander this is opened I you and Turks I know what you are saying to me by sending this. very calmly. you do n’t ask as if you are loved he we have the records of the terrorists you sent in our country we have

The records tomorrow we will do this to the

United Nations We’ll show you here in the middle or the middle of the terrorist information. as the president. they want money from those who know you and it’s your point when I get bored with the name of the topicsv that are constantly bothering you That’s why I’ll say No right now Napoleon’s from Turkey Gd luck I even gave the order to remove it. I’m instructed I gave a horse right now. my brother. his son doesn’t have time. I don’t care.

I don’t care about this song before Osama

gets his money and makes him talk. my men will find him. he will lose. this If I’m right. this mask is populus. to the left. But you’re right . he’s not a soldier. He doesn’t know what friendship is. Yes. you both will do your best. and these are attacking our cells to the bar rfs What is the news No one says anything I don’t know a bottle don’t tell makarios with the man

Greek Consulate Soviet agents we can’t pretend to you anymore This Which one wants to save us Which one wants to kill It’s slow in the evening It’s juBir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitlesst Nikos Is it understd You eat under this makarios it’s broken We need a lot of money a lot

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