Bir Zamanlar Kibris

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles He swears that since the junta came to Athens.ay gd nonsense Are you doing this to go without being clumsy. you are talking like that. but where does it appear in the brain that has n’t been heard for months? incoming. he was dismissed. get out. . . I’m Okan Elif. I wonder if he may have worn some other suspects.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles

was in control . our thoughts on It’s in print. lk gd. now we said my word for the fuel news. it was announced on the radios. Morale collapsed on the Turkish side . Yes. now they will make the propaganda of this was not gd . Do you know that they will make propaganda? You keep going . don’t give up. others will open like this. come on. it doesn’t work. you’ll do it. come on. thanks dear. don’t you understand. but you’re very strong. you’ll do it. ] very nice Ecome on you come me You lk at me lk at you Ali but you are paint you are the strongest man

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 24 in Urdu Subtitles

and avenge the proton nine men in the middle of the whole moment Did I send that professional who killed you. . I had to leave there to lose this Izmir Gd night. he set up to stop. what happened to me. I also happened to you. Isn’t it to the shadows? Among the rumors that a madman carries a gun to the jammed cardboards where he avenges the civilian Turks who were attacked on the Kurudere road in the past days. How do you know? It is said that he was taken. now he will come out again. it is said that he is healthy. but this cannot be true. my daughter. why are you so surprised.

my month But you where no sack of rice will

be sorted disappear tape and I should wash my hand then God was like the soul There was nothing I was surprised more than just being silent If I see you again in front of me Kemalöz But I would be like this God forbid this is the afterlife Don’t hide it from me this is given Square on the land No. how can it be obvious. my God. is this my dream? Is this a dream? is this here? . God. God . how is it? The night will come. Well. at least. we’ll learn from them. Honestly. yes. I’ll bring it. So is that what happened and then they put on the cloak and flew away? What an exaggeration. he said.


He had come to intimidation when the people heard.

everyone fell silent. I came to you. What still needs resistance at that time. let’s give it one . these two guns. Hold on. defend canton Evelallah. don’t miss that skewered Kemal. come to the ladle Well . what will happen next. who will know. who knows with Ahmet and who knows . no one else but the top one. E Sanayi Baba . I said my fine tth. give me my mother at the time of the entrusted owner. no one will know if he is the closest. do you have How are you. how gd is the soup. but I have this ck. I’ll take you home. It’syour Sarah. you have that part.

otherwise you’ll just pull yourself in a little bit

of it no matter where you are. I played with this love of duty Because I’m treating all patients the same I wonder if I’m not going to take them. it’s like you’re tired. Where were you. they’ll come sner than the next day Suppose I didn’t get out of bed Cyprus. is there any news? They are very upset because you said to me He died because you died. Thank God. No one feels sorry for me. they write to you health You always do this when the stick passes him. I ca n’t see it continue Also. the lie that I died is the lie of the state. not yours Emir cuts the iron now You don’t work for the government. he thought.

we are not in the cleaning business. we have to

spit out our legend. there is only one legend . someone like a manager from intelligence came. we are trying to prevent him. they walk us t much and there is such a thing as mobility. Do you know something ? I was able to relax. sir. hey Have you been able to talk to the patient. what is the verdict about the patient. or will he be a patient who has not been able to leave the hospital for three years Yes. my decision is home. what does it mean. unfortunately.

the news is bad this is our mujahideen attacked the points

Here and here. according to a rumor. Never interfere with anything. If anyone leaves the house. follow me. give it okay al space Come on you speedy recovery as we speak . nurse lady legend Please don’t get t tired and if anyone wants to enter her rm . let me know of course Ya no I already wanted to wait for this shift to end It tk a little walk but they’ll be ok The other is probably his fiancee. I talk to you about the issues with the doctors so you realize that you are suffering. my wife. my beautiful wife.

I am at your knees do not worry  we have been trying

to make you walk for 13 years. if something happens to you. this body does not lift. your hair is so beautiful . you act a bit like a child all the time You keep sugar in chocolate. you are very sweet in everything My life is lking at you Nothing else is coming Ok don’t do it ok ok ok what ok ok I’m the only one I will find a solution as your doctor You just listen to me or tell me your hair in the last row Lk really nice I’ll cut my hair like a kid with it continue with yourself I love you I love you very very very much I you sports schl What did you hear? I used to see the pain of prolonged use while carrying water .

Oguz brother. who pushed me into the state and politics.

is a never-known picture from his mind. Now the mothers in Cyprus are seeing worse than this suffering. this state has to find a solution to this issue. why can’t we be offended But everyone asks me this. our strength as another lady They are paying the nation. we are very divided to the right and left. the world is divided. Unist is ruled by anti-communist Wars . these things mean nothing. everyone has only one problem Blowing their own horn The horn of the Mediterranean is Cyprus A Ball of Fire As long as the people there don’t try to find the place where they can get it.

the people there are on fire. A Turkish prime minister will be able to solve this problem varna ‘Or to someone else and Whoever it is. who is it to erase from the memories of generations of players ?


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