Bir Zamanlar Kibris

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles If the lie spread that the Seljuki prince had killed traders within his own limits. And then to traders from four different countries. If the truth of this lie does not come to light, then this lie. From here to Constantinople, everyone will start talking about it. Correct, Mr. Chagari. This is such a big deal that its resonance will reach the whole world. Mager will have no way to stop this echo.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles

I’m sure. At a time when we are trying to strengthen trade. As one of the news of the sinister was not enough, the trouble was now on. What happened, what news has come؟ What, what are they again؟ He gathered a tribe of 250 tents. Ginja has moved to Anatolia. What will happen, not farming there and not growing grass.

There seems to be a lot of riots. Why has Prince Alp Arcelan

killed traders؟ Now who will buy our wealth, how will money be؟ Nor is it the responsibility of you people. You guys don’t listen. Listen, Annal Sahib, listen to everything. Tradeers in Wasporacan. Now Suramari can’t trade in the market, he has heard the announcement. What are the promises made to us. Ruined us,

who will buy our wealth now. We understood that Alp Arslan

should not have trusted. Send a message to Goktash, Boba. Stay in place somewhere with them and wait for my message. You are aware of the disagreement with the uncle Zad of the Yabago tribe, Alp Arcelan. What we will say is that they have to do the opposite, especially Goktash. Mugar there, Nal Sahib is considered a major leader. Sir, I missed. Have become aware of the situation, secrets.


Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles

a false accusation, sir. I’m feeling embarrassed. Some people are not only rich, they also sell their honor. We are stuck in the trap of the infidels. Patience Baba, patience. The game is not over yet. How is health, okay؟ Al-Hamad Lallah, be healthy now. Now it is your responsibility. To complete the calculation. And to let our friends’ blood go out in vain, your shame is a very important task. Anyway,

at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.

You can’t go anywhere while you are injured like this. Move your arm forward. -Let’s go to the castle. – I won’t go back to this fort. I know I can’t get out of there again. In this case you can’t “few. I have to return to the castle, come on. Where are you going, Arcelan Joseph؟ I’m talking to you, where like that؟ I am going to find my daughter Sferia. Allow to go. How do we know that you will not escape like your daughter.

H is running away from the marriage of the Sultan’s command.

And obviously you’re running for yourself. Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles I will run nowhere, sir. Don’t get anything to my daughter, she’s afraid of me. Go and find it and bring it back here. The leader is right. Even what they said is less. This is your plan prepared with your own daughter. Existence of all your daughter’s dishonesty. Alp Arcelan Sahib proved his loyalty to the Sultan’s command. And now you are trying to run away from your plan.

Find the Sferia woman. And until the truth is revealed,

you stay in your room. Not a step out. Ask me to make fun of me. There’s nothing, well, what’s in a hurry؟ We have received the news that Commander Alexander, with his troops. The Byzantines have entered our lands near our border with the Byzantines. I don’t know who this girl went to.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 30 In Urdu Subtitles

and now he ran away. Alp Arcelan Sahib will find him and bring him back. This time you take another way. This is not a marriage, your daughter will do her best for it. Recognize Kurdo, Arcelan Yusuf. In any case. Give up your marriage to your daughter’s “Alp Arcelan. Pray, so much beg.

He will deport you for your life. Anyway, you don’t consider imprisonment a shame for yourself. You think, I don’t know if you’re singing the day to kill me, Oqi lady؟ And that on the day of my exile you will be stabbed in my chest؟ Alp Arcelan Sahib, Safria will find the woman and bring her back.

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