Haci Bayram Veli Series With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles The islands have the trust of the Raees. The oppressed people of the islands are waiting for help. You do not interfere. Do you think you will convince me of your conversation؟ The islands and jigsaw are ours. Both will take you. You can’t make the islands my grave.

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles

Hello. Vyakim pb dervish sage. Keep a visit. Bismillah. The bastard Done Diego took over the islands. Any news about Khazar؟ Not currently. Mager that Done Diego. There is no one who can get the islands so easily without tricks. The matter will be quite complicated. Why are you looking at maps؟ Yao Sultan Saleem Khan. Egypt conquered.

Servants of Mecca and Medina. And became the caliph of Islam.

One million thanks. One million thanks. Long-term Islamic world. Thus united and became one. The power of the Ottoman Empire will ensure this. Yao Sultan Saleem Khan. Al-Hamad Lala succeeded him. Islam, the shadow of the Ottoman Empire, is one by one. Will be united and strong, these Gods. We will announce our rule in the islands.


Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles

That’s what happened. Now the importance of taking the islands has increased. Even more important. The Islamic world is an alliance. Rome, Anatolia, Al-Quds, Mecca, Medina. Egypt. Unified under the flag of the Ottoman Empire. Now if we conquered the islands. So the cuffers will not be able to shake anything in the Mediterranean. You are right, Darwish Baba. Khazar will receive the islands of Shaullah.

Then the last link of the Islamic world will be fulfilled,

these Shaanallah. In Shallah. In Shallah. By uniting with Kafar, you destroyed the islands. The oppressed like us were subjugated. But Khairuddin Barberosa will not leave you without punishment. Come here and get us all out of your oppression. If Khazar tries to come, we will kill him like his rise Agha. You will all lose hope and push us forward.

As long as Khairuddin Barrosa is alive We will not leave

the foot of hope.We will not bow before you until he comes. So I’ll hurt you, the rebel logo. Still waiting for help؟ do not worry. Will hurt and bring them to the right path. Look at me. And listen carefully to me. I have told Khazar that: if he tried to take the islands. So I will kill you all. Do you know what he did؟ Happiness happily retreated. That is, you have to understand that.

Now you can lose hope of Khadr No one will come to save you.

Either you will lean in front of me. Or you all die. It is only the prisoner who will bind Khairuddin Barberosa. That’s why protect them well and don’t let them escape at all. Barbarossa will find a way to attack the islands. Don’t worry about that; Harjaga has deployed his soldiers, he will not be able to come close to the islands. In addition, the fleet of King Charlekan is coming;

I will attack Jejal with this fleet And I will do all the work of the Lord.

I wish to know what you would do if Khazar had given you jiggle؟ Of course, I was about to besiege the islands from this fleet. Both places take it from it. Migrar Khazar did not fall into this trap. Anyway. I will be juggling somehow. I will not be able to run away from the end prepared by me. Keep flogging them until they forget the name of Khairuddin Barberosa. My dear.

We were going to get the islands by jiggle, Raees.

Going again and getting Buzzor Shamshir Jejal. The matter is not as easy as you understand, Yarley. TwoAnd there is no Zara who could not pierce my sword and pass through it. The whole Mediterranean will know the power of my sword. Even the rise we stand on the tomb dug our lives in front of my sword. I have nothing to do with killing a dervish like you,

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 23 With Urdu Subtitles

your sword ring؟ The whole Mediterranean knows my sword. Spain. All the islands in the Western Mediterranean have tasted the wars of my sword. When I was your age, Sultan Muhammad was the head of the victorious commandos.

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 22 With Urdu Subtitles

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