Haci Bayram Veli Series With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles I from my sword from the islands to Qanat Al-Rome Eli and from Qarma to Rome. When you can’t answer the words of a dervish. Don’t force the head of the quandos under my clothes to get out. That means you were the head of the commandos of the great Shaheen winner.

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles

together with you in your shab. If you came to me in my youth. So don’t get to that age. I like you, old man. I’m still seeing the fire of the head of a little commandos in the eyes of this dervish. If you want, I can still give you this opportunity. Look, you can take my sword, give you a chance. Don’t want to die too much. The hand that will hold the sword will land on the back of your head. And will cut your head off.

Talking about Khazar I killed her partner,

her beloved woman, and her sleeping brother here. Your daughter also killed Mary. Imagine: I hit your daughter you raised with your hands, all your love was over and kept her out of sight. And this man is standing in front of you now. Challenging you. Don’t want to kill me؟ Don’t want revenge on me؟ Look, that’s not good at all. Now if I want, I can’t kill you.


Why the head of commandos If so I will kill

you for my own caste and my personal revenge. Magers we love for Allah and jihad on the way to Allah. Only Allah Almighty’s message comes out in the fields for the purpose of the message. But you tortured the oppressed and stabbed Allah’s message. That is why we will fight you. Khazar Your head-cutting sword will soon be caught in your hands.

And people like the rise that you have martyred

will have spiritual support. Spiritual support The rise is just a dead man, the piece of meat is here. I can’t give anything from now on. The martyrs are not dead. Our martyrs are not dead. Rather alive. You are so helpless that you cannot understand. I do not understand your devotion. In fact, I don’t even want to understand it. But when your faith is so strong.

When you are so sure to eat my defeat in the end.

So I’m leaving your way old.So that you can see the end of this matter. I will definitely meet Khazar. And like everyone else, you see who dies and who lives. Will see. I will attack this place and kill Done Diego. And the trust of the rise of the noble will take this throne back. Get ready, Spahio.

What will happen to the oppressed, noble

If we don’t stop thinking about the oppressed, soldiers can be scattered from around us. We cannot take this risk. Shabash. Spread in the streets. What will you do like this؟ I will find Done Diego and cut off his head. Your soul was shadd, the rise of the noble. I will protect trust and take revenge on you. Rise Agha. Did things bring you to the islands, need

Haci Bayram Veli Series Episode 24 With Urdu Subtitles

Done Diego killed you, will take revenge on you. I entrust the oppressed to you. Your attack on the islands will be the cause of their murder. I know, Raees. But they have narrowed my ghee on all sides. By getting the throne, if you do not take revenge.

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