Kuslarla Yolculuk In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

I will not punish you. but I Although you are raw for this duty. for the minister. go to the website now. kitty. then you will get your sword and the duty you deserve. then He will give you the lowest duties . how will you go out in public after you have made so many words of guard. you dishonor your dignity Onur I can’t leave you to rest after this time. these people can’t be a helmsman on ships. I can’t lk at your face.

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

you don’t understand that this excitement is only one. and that Pasha piece of  got into your bld like a devil. but he made you this way. but I don’t leave it in his hands to my brother. If I give you a task. you will do it. write it. you will be the same as before. I did it as usual. oh God. you won’t see me anyway. okay. give me another one who will not think about my reputation. I’ll take a cm for myself.

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

I will go to war with the enemies to take our island tomorrow. don’t take t much between us. bus station y In fact. mine isn’t his rank. A hospital knows. If you don’t give my right. I’ll earn my own right Now fasting is ready . they will do their best to trample us . His Excellency Pasha. I think this is himself. the innocent Subaşı you appointed will slander you.

they will violate your order. Let this Your

Highness guess how much more I will do my duty as Subasi You stop. I will give them the necessary response. Music] and so much Esma goes back. she bought the plane from this castle. she was going to make a summer . According to her. after this time. I am a trap man. internet brother. I did not accept adultery. No. we will go with a stick. this still does not deem you worthy of a task. What will we do now ? He will not be in need of anyone.


everyone will see how great a work İlyas will do.

sner will you start it’s Alice Ya You You did the right thing but we are no gd We have no place in the family to us It’s it’s me and be the guard of the video how you go What would you get up for? When you ask me why you did it. I ‘ll tell you what you did. You’ll answer him. I’m going to dismiss some of these compotes from all your duties. You’re going to leave . Is that all until I come?

I will never allow it but we have taken the

world against us Pasha Tomorrow we will enter the levitha war at every step we’ll deal with the games that are behind us He I don’t have the patience to endure more betrayal If there is a month here. prove it every until now But now my patience is running out. I will reveal his treachery and throw his head before you Then you will pay for protecting the rituals to Pasha

I’ve just been cured I also say it’s fine.

it’s a direct hit. No one will come after you out of nowhere. Who do you think it is. vote for me ? I’ve told you before. But this girl has put two faces of Shahbaz inside us. It’s a snake. If Allah has arranged the same soldiers that shot us. Shahbaz has organized the same soldiers. We will lk at you with excitement until this week. I said to you. what is mine. The war is mine after all. Don’t make me crazy. . well. if they’re on the side. he’s going to kill. Maybe he can’t heal either .

I’m startled. this original I’m ready and their

attention is waiting for the opportunity to kill the Prophet. and even for this reason . you’re okay. be now I didn’t say I will come to you right away They will give Hah Well done. even though I successfully deliver to your duty. I will always be by your side to say gdbye to happiness is gone. they have started preparations for war to take back Uncle. . you will sit all over this island.

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 24 In Urdu Subtitles

The weight of the Rebellion Unit is waiting to hear from us You will pass. Pablo. don’t worry. this is now not only ours. but all Christians will be at war against the Turks. I’ll be at the head of those ships and teach them all who the Mediterranean is By the way. where is Prince Korkut? Whoever they are at the head of the piano I sent such a scourge that

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