Kuslarla Yolculuk In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

I know there is a way He can call me I will go to my father stop daddy But your Hamid Efendi Tell me your health is different. science is different. Omar. Which is correct Estağfurullah. instead of returning with my tongue neutral. come with a frying pan with hot stones. I m not angry. but my e-mail bothered me a lot. Wow. you’re welcome. you’ve brought a lot of fun. Sinan Bey and his followers.

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

that the rail is part of the main lap? Madrasah This is madrasah laga cancel feeding. If this happens again. even once. leave your center. sister. okay . did you do this job. come on now. now. what was my voter Omar. who tk your anger around from shop to shop For example. what did my master say? I really like the master. I learned a lot of useful things from him. it helped me show his skill His little son also came with him. Well. he can take it t Did you know the story of the cross-eyed apprentice and his master ?

What do you say. there is a cross-eyed Çıra.

Where is the bottle that Çırağan and its folks liked empty. Well. he was surprised that we saw two bottles on the side. Emin Usta asked which one to bring. the master gave him quickly and said. “My son was surprised that there is a bottle on the shelf. let’s go. Dost. go get a bottle and come. he can surprise us.” Sure . he objected to what he saw. Master don’t scold me.

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

on the ground. two bottles disappeared from my sight. that’s when he understd. Here. with those squinting eyes. Gitt of the master’s draft was sent to his master. instead of returning empty-handed . thank God. your eyes say that I will beat you like a hawk. your self-esteem develops so badly that the one who sees will blind the eye. I will not say anything else.


it is the nature of this apprenticeship. I told you when

the customers say so. this road is long. but it is very beautiful. He will always set a barrier to the path of your self. you will say that even apprenticeship is there for this. That’s how you determine not to fall. it ‘s the same Wow. don’t wait for your aunt to take it to your loved ones. Let’s go. let’s go. safely to this dervish lodge. What can’t he find? This half Imam does half duty from religion and half duty from Dergah. My everything I don’t have a face lking at your face.

but I want you to know that I have put officers all

over the place. What happened. my daughter. what happened? What is the situation in Angry. Dad. do they call. the officers still ask us. I’ll come from scratch we keep apart If you ‘d stay Daddy girl higher better with my son I’m going to be a little longing Besides . believers who need it wait for a loaf If you don’t come tonight. if you don’t come to this. you will make me sad.

I hope that he is my everything Yes Ee Ahval

what is my son. what is your mother. how is this texture. where am I? Otherwise. you will be a burden to me and even thickening. this longing. distances will be face. son. don’t be Assassin’s Gizem 0530 A one day they always asked something.

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