Kuslarla Yolculuk In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 6 In Urdu Subtitles

I will distance myself from the sight in the bk. no matter what I say. it’s our secret now. thank you okay. is it loaded. is it loaded . I’ll go and deliver it. will it be hard down this is the car. go to sleep Ayşe Hatun. is the car ready. is it okay. you can deliver it like you today I have some work to do This What did you write. didn’t you this juice may be. he knows. No Applause dear combo.

I ‘ll put a bandit Are you a calf afraid of the sound

When your mistake is so sudden. then let me know better than us or you can learn the sword in a snap It was yours. now we have more customers. Did they find out instead of Karaca? Do you know that you will stay? Vallahi Effendi come on what will he be afraid of. or is he afraid? I said OK Ayşe Hatun we’ll take your history from here this month Let’s see Aydın Efendi’s ingenuity great body Asım Efendi will be like the 3rd position come on come on come on come on this is

I swear this is my lord Is that what I call you come on

always is stronger master is stronger Is this here Come on come on tighter is it Sword I didn’t know. it holds a pen. I don’t like it now. Say what you want. let me tell you what you want. I don’t know. I don’t know. well. sit down this download will tell you a great scholar Ibn al-Haysem al el Because its member Abu Ali Muhammad email Hasan Ibn al-Haytham was born in Basra. he is thrown. ez-zahir began to bend. and then some followers. the capital of knowledge. the father of science.

the father of science. Are they your students .

that is. the patron of light. Heysem. a child He started learning from his childhd. studied madrasahs. and one day . to prevent the Sunni river from flding. Hah v70a appeared before our 15 Kat Heysem Sultan. whom you watched. tell me that this work can be prevented . not your husband. is it possible to contain it. what Heysem made calculations on the edge of jennylyn for days He stopped and came to a conclusion It is impossible to prevent a Hey you. afraid.


went to the presence of the Sultan and how many

months has he been kidnapped from the Sultan? But Hey you. why is he bored of his work in the palace. brill. is he a man in love Anyway . his palace is a madrasah Even if it’s a new palace. madrasah is hell This is Hey you. he’s been lking for ways to get out of the palace He stopped. he had an idea. now he’s going to run away Even though he doesn’t lk like us tk a vacation and sent from the palace. do n’t get this Sultan The man didn’t want to let it go and it was closed.

now find three candles and to me This is Scholars

in Haysem’s houses said they are all but the light that comes out of the eye that lks beautiful when we lk at them . Take a gd lk around you. except for Heysem. There are those who see you in the pitch dark Is it download this Come after me It’s the light that makes us see it. It’s not our eyes. It’s not our eyes. the sun is in the country. the bastards are also Fire. But the real water should not be missing. We make up for the previous my teacher Estağfurullah Estağfurullah Welcome. sir. I couldn’t go . thank gdness Nor You know. my teacher and uncle will see and teach their babies the

He brought news from Cihanşah Karaca. this is

everything we do and it will not be for this cause and you will think about this case before every step But you exist to announce the name of Allah But you state and you exist to enlarge our lodge including if necessary . you will die for this cause. for the cause. that life will be taken And even . no one will die. so long as he be the last one daddy what are you doing here he came to find what you are lking for why are you here we came to find karacahalil how did you know that

I said he’s settled son Come on. what is this heart

Applause Come on it is necessary to know if he is at home come easy. sisters We did n’t check with Karaca. do we know if he is at home? Are you afraid we didn’t come to harm you. Do you even want to ask us and leave ? Did he see it like that at home ? filled in. we will give double what they give. If the lion roars.

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