Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

After this ultimatum. they will be attacked. they will have to stop . if they are bored. they will not stop. but what is important is that Demirel will not reach his new cabinet. a big attack will follow. You will learn the strategy of eyre how they will take you across So there is Operation Tonight Tonight must be counted without appearing infiltrating

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

thanks to these listening devices of yours. We have located Apollo . Did we learn from the front for a while? diko. we would have prevented innocent civilians as well. but what can this line from Ankara learn? The important thing is. this is a new Erenköy. of course. we will fight. we will plant it. This is always such a beauty He said. “Do you think so?” In the morning. I went out to see what I wear. There’s nothing to do anymore. It’s very beautiful . Lk where it’s going. Kenan.

You go out with me. I said. Let’s see where it

will take me to dinner. We can take it to dinner. I didn’t tell you if you are bored by this legend. people are making plans and programs in this Legend’s rm. what is it? Since when did you know . I’ve been everything for a few months. from Ankara This much will be involved in me My husband won’t be there It’s possible. Why are you playing this game? Well. the secrets of men. they don’t get hit when the time comes. I m sorry. I said it was out of the assembly. but isn’t it a dream?

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitles

Well tomorrow with your situation i We need to make a decision about what kind of bld values is deteriorating rapidly. If yo live with that lead in your body in three months. you will die f om Bro poisoning. What will e decide. the solution is to remove it from there? This eans first. you will complete all the work. if you die. Grann . see what you are after me.

Delu right now Anyway. the girl is waiting for you.

she is not an orphan. But with the information I told you in your head. listen to this. What can I say. if a girl goes out to dinner. she’ll tell me something? There is water. but Apollo is the first of him for months Oh. attention t ya but it’s a shame now I’m going to make a woman wait this long it’s true you sit down of course you sit down now I’ll send her a tune ok you calm down please no aunt aunt the boss called you for an emergency meeting She wanted me to say.

is the operation dangerous or not.

sister-in-law meeting OK bro you can go Thanks Will this life pass like this my Ayşecim I will stop You happened I can’t stop OK let my life be sacrificed let my life go on like this let’s go this way that child Yes I was going to say to him you will be fine tonight. Kurulus Osman Season 5 In English Subtitles he is pregnant. I would hit him. if necessary. he will fall at your feet TİME But this child should not be a father either ] [Applause] this where we fall. we have to find a place that even if they noticed us while we were putting it there.

they didn’t notice it. There was a conflict like a riddle.

Even if it broke out. they didn’t realize how many hours we called it there. It didn’t stay for years. guns sweetie he’s welcome let me see He ‘s lying behind your back He’s lying behind you there’s nothing really lk now nothing Why is he angry? girl. even here is the flagpole and there is the biggest flag a huge me on the top of the old hotel . gd for you. flower flag.

individual why are there problems.

fine bey. how are you going to throw the flag. smart. this is smart. I’ll step up to your mind. I’ll be a victim of your mind Gd time girls. take it home. then come. No. you’ll come t. Let’s go. Abi. I swear Lk. Damascus devil Come on. come on. I have basic things to say to you Okay. we’re going to plant it. it’s going to be a lightning rod or a flagpole. whichever one falls in love with.

it came from England or it was saying something

asortic Forget it. come on. come on. take it from a child. Halal poisons poison He is a If anyone paid for it. it would be number ten. But what more does it not suit us to sht a bullet in a place of worship? He he now at least 10 on this side of him guarding Episode 11

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