Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 14 Last In Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 14 Last In Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 14 Last In Urdu Subtitles the children were nervous . we came to get them. wait. wait here. Iğdır Yes. my teacher. what is another situation. my friend came No my love I even got a phone call while Selim Police Station was on duty. I received money . ya no no no a this frog no real fake police all because is there that boy are you the best there is nothing right [ When you go to the music] course.

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 14 Last In Urdu Subtitles

from the beginning. where we will go. it is clear until the end . right. we are afraid that what happened to Cengiz Topel will happen to you t. I left. my only fear is to leave them alone this Ömer Sami or we became brothers with you I came there. I said I’m the President. I said let’s go and he has been there for 3 years alone to meet with understanding You take it. I will go back to the island I’ll spend it makarios talk to the United Nations Secretary General

But this is unlawful bolt smoking But he is guilty

of escaping you accuse him of trying he won’t be like that we have to talk what would happen Let’s see in . Welcome. we weren’t expecting you here. so let’s talk only . what a pity there is a message . we will show our works in greater secrecy from now on. A secret radio between us. It will be a telegram in the same way. All this is related to the speech of the Turkish prime minister.

Let’s come to what is the name of Adnan’s order.

how patiently until we meet with the Turkish prime minister that we know others and ask them patiently. ‘s war will begin feeling death We will be preparing for a great war while these 2 prime ministers seem to be inactive until they meet. until it is as likely as snowfall. we will do it on these frequencies and you say He came back last time. you will go by truck. there is a lot of security that will leave you close to a thousand where you will say that the phone has risen.

Don’t pass by. do n’t leave me. the two of us Maybe we have no business with the others Great God truck. whatever happens. we will leave on their own. Kurulus Osman Season 5 In English Osmanonline my President 3 times My name is the wers. my dervish is Bekir b and we will use the hole to disperse the security guys when you go to the front of the place The next time Malta will appear. he will be walking with something in his hand. he will see crazy. he will say that he has seen all the security they have been given.

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 14 Last In Urdu Subtitles

I will sht me so much that after the guards run after them and relax a little. you will intervene and help the injured person. you will collect them from the following team. be behind them. If he gets stuck in a place. see the break ends. support me. Gebze Kocaeli Erdi.

while I was running away that brother must have been the sound of gunfire. he will run here and write to them immediately We have beer Burak Burak Burak Burak to Burak Burak this is life I always puzzle once a month Come on. okay. I’m a dervish. no dervish. huh Support des the only one brought Come on okay what are we doing

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