Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

You’ve been told about your concerns for 35 years. What are we going to do. my darling? We will never talk again. there will be no need. lk Ali İhsan Can will die once in a while queue section Yours will be first. we have to accept this situation and live with it. and you will learn this truth from those two people. You don’t want to go and we will learn this truth from that person.

this wrong Well brother this is wrong I was shot.

I fell. you can justify your right. you can fight in the palm of your hand. we came empty-handed It’s because of me. let’s get your rights. no phone is coming Samsun is releasing If you do. I condemned you. Elif’s loved ones went to the doctor Revenge is her mind brehard ildağ young man very young friend died in front of your eyes 2 guns interpret this anger

you will tolerate this anger Waiting for him to understand.

bear the burden on his own like throws consistency behind it as a method or how hard it is determined important lesson Cemal Bey does not end with his scenes as long as new ones are being added My Bld Brother will not know my parents will not know You will lay your head on the same pillow Tomorrow will not know In November. where is the secret.

Kemal had to stay on the gum in this life He saw a lot.

burned next to him a lot Gd [Applause] sit down. it’s gd enough for anyone . it’s a sin. I’ll see him Your safety gesture We can’t reach him z will reach us Ha and if they killed me. it would be obvious if Apollo had come from Ankara. but if he had taken it. Oho. history will write the names of five people about what happened on this island. lk. I’m you. Doctor Little and Rauf. the rest are anonymous.

at the cost of apollo with Cemal This is not possible.

this struggle won’t go without us. it wasn’t nice that I don’t want to see anyone comment what my darling Where are you I’ve been dead since yesterday out of curiosity I have prepared a surprise for you thank you this is virtue this is breaking I love you this master no mommy welcome welcome you came son this is let me explain right away because things are growing.

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

don’t get in front of each other. don’t get in front of each other. don’t let us follow Mr. Yavuz by mistake. do n’t spend it on our men by mistake. don’t make yourself follow me here I just destroyed the guys for a long time but we You will take danger in Ankara and with my respect. you need to go back to work from Ankara. You will be investigated because the state employs dead people.

I ‘m dead I’m dead Have a nice day .

Tell me it’s not me t I’m in your sleep with you brother I tell him. Or do you not feel comfortable? What does he want. brother. you have kept your voice for years. now tell us what is needed . we will start accordingly. you will go back to the British island on the island secretly. Lk. as a parent. a new operation has been made for the Greeks. so it will not be very easy to enter there.

but the British always give themselves more than necessary.

what do i do my english At the z headquarters. you will study the task schedules of all the coast guard boats on the northern and eastern continental shelf of the island. but these are secret information. not only the Greeks. I will tell you how to enter alone. I will tell you how I will enter into the British with a hundred guns. we’re fine t. what does it mean to enter your headquarters.

who is he talking to. release Samsun ?

Cemal to Esenler. you also have patience. brother. he will answer you. Allah. Allah. do you have ? Let’s not spoil Kemal’s plans. then we will hit the same rope. Don’t walk around. but you know well. I know well that you slept with Kemal these days . but we will protect him as long as he lives. we will not be If you say so he is brother ha Hamit will come out with a truck. Episode 4

Mehmetçik Kutul Zafer Episode 5 In Urdu Subtitles

shall we go to the a still Ah ah Dervish. we have a job. I’ll get it. we’ll take care of it. we’ll come and Why don’t you. my dear. beautiful. leave me alone. forget the rest. Not Hamit. you are the one we know in the word. you are not there. brother. I will go secretly. we will see you right away. Of course I will. Lk.

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