Ogretmen (The Teacher) Season 1 In Urdu

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles There is no force to face and intimidate us through children. Whatever it is, children will not be allowed to be in their possession. You guys are satisfied, they are the grandchildren of Artigher Ghazi. They will find a way for themselves. We entered the fort, now it is forbidden to go without them. We were going to cut the necks of the oppressors and the victims were you.

Caesar is his title, no one has been defeated to this day.

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles It’s good that it’s with us. If we were an enemy؟ Masha Allah, is a good wrestler. However, we do not call anyone “if it was our enemy. Can anyone beat him by facing Caesar؟ When someone can stand in front of me. Then I get on the field, sir. Want to compete with Caesar ؟ I have done such a long journey as Jihad has done. Not one, if there are a thousand Caesar,

I can compete My chest is hotter than blacksmith’s Angith,

I’m ready to fight, sir. I want Abdul Rahim to land in the field. Ah my stomach! I can’t stand it. What are you looking for here؟ You should stay in your rooms until it’s time to eat. I need Hakim, my stomach is in pain, not tolerated. What are you looking like this The woman is in pain, don’t you see؟ You guys take care of your guests like this؟ We need Hakim, Hakim. Well, you go to your room, we’ll bring Hakim.

We don’t have time to wait, we’ll go ourselves, come on.

You go to your room. We will bring Hakim. You go on the wheel, I see the matter. The warehouse with luggage is finally there and it is time to change the guards, there will be two guards. You too be careful son! Okay fine؟ Your wound is not full yet, you should not move so quickly. Usman is still in the cataracts. Save the princes and bring them the right Salem. Sheikh Adibali!


I know that You do not react too much to the events

that took place. But when your grandchildren have been abducted. So I’m really surprised how calm you are. We must be angry at the works of Allah Almighty, Kos؟ You understand it, but when you look inside, you will find a lot of hidden wisdom. Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles I have handed over the princes to the Lord. Usman Sahib and the mothers of children have also taken the necessary steps and moved to the forts to save them. Soon O’Han and Aladdin will save them. If I were your place, it would not be calm. Al-Hamadallah!

Our lives and our loved ones are all trusted to our Lord.

And then nothing but patience and prayer makes us look. With all these problems, you guys had to engage with me. It is fatigue to save the life of our Lord, the cesses؟ What if we shed tears for our princes؟ Leave you alone to bear the wound and go to pray for yourself. I’m not on your religion. But I am very lucky to be your friendship.. If hungry, thirsty and oppressed, go to a Muslim’s house.

So this believer will find his lost ( Shifa ) in treating your wounds.

What harm do we have if we are non-believers؟ When he has subjugated the blue sky and blessed land to serve all mankind.. So we must be merciful and gentle with the people of them. Our wrath against the tyrant.. And to fight the shar from the edge of the sword.. For the oppressed, it comes out of our compassion. It’s dangerous without Zahra, Mr. Usman.

No, the zeros are the burden for us Continue like that, Shabash.

To die! To die! To die! Caesar could not beat Abdul Rahim, Justin. So at least call some of your soldiers. So that the fight can be fair. Can something like this happen؟ We should also enter؟ – Come on, there’s a prey for us too. – Stop Baha’i. Mr. has demanded it. Your men fought well. But in front of Abdul Rahim, he could hardly stay. Bring me, just give me too, two particles me too.

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

to your order. We are waiting for Aftar to eat. – Bring a little bit too. – Come on, I see, come on. On Aftar we are with you, which food is ready for us؟ Have to prepare food that you will not believe in the evening. – I have no power. – Stay tuned. There is the blood of Arthigar Ghazi in your veins, brotherly.

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