Ogretmen (The Teacher) Season 1 In Urdu

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles The words are absolutely correct. His guilt is to come to us and be rude. The first blood was shed by the Armenians. All the people here were heard. Traditions and Shariah, the decision should not be delayed. Stop the way and kill the baguners. Lying and blaming Turkmen chiefs. All this has been proven by witness testimony. Serf’s sons and his companions are sentenced to death.

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles

Such cruelty to your religious brothers is correct, yes؟ Justice is equal to all within the limits of the Aali Seljukites. Punishment of death if allowed. The path should be given to the village of the oppressed. The word of justice will be in front of the eyes of the oppressed. Maria sent to us by naming Akcha and making a spy. You are betraying people. He is not a spy of you. And the Alp is working with Arsalan with fraud. Just fine. Why wake up, it’s not okay, it’s just over.

The water was drinking, the throat was drying up. You weren’t, I thought I drank myself. That is, Kekaminos saved lives. When the time comes, he will die with our hands. The life of Kikamanos is a girl by giving you the land you have acquired. Liparit will attack there and kill the oppressed then take over. Devgen is helping them despite the prohibition of, Kikamonos.

The matter is not so easy. Our waved flag will never fall.

Time is short, and this is the most important issue. That is, the Leparget has allied with the Byzantines. We must break this evil alliance. How will you be sir؟ A woman with your help. I will not walk anymore. Said, no one can walk. Be careful ⁇ Get him on a horse. Turn on the eyes. What is, clear. The decision is also clear. I will help run away. Mager will bring all the muktob with my secrets to me. I will not give it if saved.


Will give it to someone else. No one will hear or anyone will know.

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles This wound will be your salvation. Bind with my horse. There will be no way to avoid both lunatics. Is there a funeral we don’t know the reason؟ You should be happy instead of grieving; Because we are really taking back the land that the Alp Arcelan does not own. I am fighting because of you, Avodokia. What does the curse understand! You are concerned about any harm to your sayings. I can understand you. We cannot take these lands back without fighting the Alp Arsalan.

And unfortunately, good people die in war too.

Shabash Azazo! And fast. I can’t believe we’re living in the same fort with these savages. Uncle! How can you allow this؟ Avodokia! Shut up! It’s true that they’re savage, Mager. Their Alp is determined to take revenge on Arsalan. They are made our allies. This Armenian in the safety of the Alp Arcelan. I know they are your relatives. You do not deserve the slightest protection. Thank God Baba! You are alive. Concerned about you! All go out! I have to tell you something.

Good! Leave us alone. Why, there’s a problem,

Uncle John؟ What he says is Crow Avodokia. Information has been reached in the tribe. Normand is moving with Commander Harvey. The Leparious brothers must have taken the Normandi fighters for money from Harvey. I’m worried about you. I know you are Harvey’s enemy. Well, Harvey is behind this issue. I know Harvey well. He can’t do it just for money. They must have signed the agreement. After the Lepary brother achieved his goal. Will kill me.

Harvey is not the only person who wants to kill you,

Baba. Deliver the docas himself, the Alp Arcelan. Not just that, he wants to get rid of you too. Staying chalkwoband at the time of execution. The number of dead is high. People are angry. Don’t let any fuss happen. The children are running away, Mr. Anal. Stay with prisoners. I chase. Do not have mercy on anyone. In this village we are going to massacre.

Ogretmen The Teacher Season 1 Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitles It will take our name to Dinka everywhere. Until Baba’s soul is calm, it will not stop blood. Pastor! Just stay away and wait. While you are protecting our lives, will we stay away and wait؟ I don’t understand. I tied the rope tightly.

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