Turkish Movies With Urdu Subtitles

Turkler Geliyor Full Movie In Urdu Subtitles

Turkler Geliyor Full Movie In Urdu Subtitles

Turkler Geliyor Full Movie In Urdu Subtitles

let’s go get it I Music naughty things to appear on the horizon Reis We are in the city. you do not even give. God will share you cage with you only when none of us is a novelty Afe say you said that much we did n’t want the war I don’t care either one of you take free captives and try that men are allowed I will win the war ok that’s enough You gave up and surrendered Or do I have to cut you in front of your eyes What if you see a sword for a sword. are you so afraid of us?

Turkler Geliyor Full Movie In Urdu Subtitles

it ‘s a matter of mind. it’s a sword if you have sense do n’t give in to what. don’t give in to Saka. don’t let them kill me You fight until the last drop of our bld I’ll throw you to death in plain sight and the importance of fasting seemed far away clan we have to go bro i’m waiting i kill him o this Music please the Spaniards Chief has just come to take his revenge What is the castle Enemy fasting to avoid passage but they all fell down Ya brother this is distributed Lion is the last castles are

the writing Chief this is the reverse prepare someone

place a pan at the top as far as the farthest Music They came down to talk Destiny they didn’t come yet they went to the castle let them come to the castle one more street very nice heel Ok we gave our life we give it Father fasting but forgive prote ts us lk or subsc ibe subsc ibe Musi No M si no M si You h ve protected the trust with our souls and bld Musi infor al We o martyrdom Drinking has fallen for me. You have to fast for me. Do n’t do it. don’t always talk like that. Maybe we will even go to

Dayan ya and Eşhedü enne M your first disaster is

to Allah Muhammadan gold you are like he will make you pay the price of Okan who has smeared your hands fasting Khidr don’t you think at all But this is how I think they became Snow and how they went crazy I tk their women captive I destroyed their honor Now I raided their dormitories in return for raiding Celle I also killed two of them Tomorrow Levent in return for killing my authorities bedro koagüle how can you cut the heel. they defended their castles heroically.

I really appreciate them. But you guys.

it made my job very easy for you to go down to the street instead of staying . just one There is something ec11 They will bring the gold and the industry in the bird father and they will take it to you They will never accept it You know that they can’t save you We thought you were sitting comfortably You thought this is the password for the Spanish with roses And they will come to destroy Ceceli in vain. if they do not accept this delivery diet. we will see Even if they come with this purpose. they will never find you there. you will do it. where will you take them. whatever is on your mind.

Turkler Geliyor Full Movie In Urdu Subtitles

let’s burn the ice with victory drunkenness. we are ready to kick the ball with this big rose o Why will he get married when he sees my dark bench with these childhd friends He and we know the pain of losing to his loved ones Thank you very much hu hu Music Laughter or han k Thanks bro What news will he say. does it lk like he’s going ? Is it your turn. your sick lairs have taken away So. are the ships in the sea again This ship is silently my brother don’t ask me this But together Ödemiş Daughter I don’t We have change

I ‘m not his own son of Yakup Agha Gdbye no permission And where are you and me this is how my life will be my brother childhd will turn to the wind Now we put this here o UV Wow minutes we will hang empty hearts of stone o all kinds of it will finish us how much we are behind ourselves anyway he is getting this nekoka chief Do you have a heroic cover or do you have it on the ground. this friend is a pain with this we will put the soil in Niko and our other colors in the thick uncle we will get this meat stay this Gamze ki I won’t let you live in this apartment. come and take our revenge. come with this pillow. it’s dark. to me. It’s our taste. the memories are not there . to these places .

to these reasons Stop stop this. what year has he come here?

Send him. and we will teach him the price of what he did with our sword. that’s it Don’t be sure because your women have artifacts in their hands. This is how Nikon came out. If he misses it. what do you want from women? This Ismail smells. you can either leave it in Elif or let him bring our gold. If you want your women back by holding our lines and increasing our torment. you will pay for your frozen diet. you will pay how much the industry on the island of 10 thousand gold will you surrender. If he reaches our precious ladies from ours. or if he falls at our feet. don Diego is above.

my teacher. you will not pay his diet. That’s how you to your honor. you will remain as a disgrace who lost these women with the enemies. This is not energy. it’s a word that speaks with the mouth of the enemy We leave our honor in the hands of the enemy Nor the enemy Turkler Geliyor Full Movie In Urdu Subtitles Thank you listening take it and let me tell you the rest Beautiful pictures about this. then we come to prayer. first of all. we go after women.

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