Bir Zamanlar Kibris

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles why should he be a traitor to us now? You will receive Mustafa and Turgut Bey. When it comes to you, Cerkutay Barkın and Hüsamettin’s You will go after him, but don’t even keep your eyes on him. Now he will go to the funeral, if he is a traitor, he will definitely send a message. The order is with my lord. And with this ambassador, his nature is still a prisoner. You are not included, they are hypocrites. They are deceiving not only you, but all of us. Don’t bother. But now let’s go to the Cypress lady to do our last duty Let’s both Tekfur and Romanos keep things tight Day by day, the number of soldiers is increasing. They take it, healers and nuns, you say, pastor master. This is a very important information.

Thesis We will convey to my Bey the thesis Condolences to Mr. Barkın

– Thank you Mr. Barkın – Thank you Mr. Barkın – Thank you Sir Barkın – Thank you sir Sir Thesis Romano You’ll get there. You will do things Barkın bey and iti It’s not a pocket pit that took you from me Selvi is the Kayı Obası who took you from me I will kill them all Osman Kayılar I will kill even that incompetent Romanos I will not put your blood on the ground My Selvi I have a word to you My word to you I will not put anyone alive I will kill Osman, his women and his children, I promise you Selvi I will kill them all Bring it, my lamb, my lamb, give it to me, I’ll look at it first, Beautiful Son Mashallah,

it’s just as I wanted it You made a mark, then you will give it to your brother Alaattin.

and keep your word, my beautiful daughter, you will be a good sister to your sister. Don’t be jealous . Come on, come and see, my Orhan, my Malhun, Osman Bey, on earth and in the sky, the great Tengri is my witness, I swear to you, my only concern was gold. My only concern was gold. Won’t you see my condition? I beg you, in the presence of the great Tengri. I wish for you to forgive me, Mr. Osman, the hungry man doesn’t care who you’re working for. You look like a dog here. But every time he opens his mouth, dirt comes out of his mouth. When the tail of the dog is stuck in the trap, then his barking roars.



Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

just as you trusted him and took him with you. So do not expect any mercy from me. I did not kill your son. we said, Mr. Ali, welcome in the best way We hope that you will welcome us in the same way, Mr. Ali, your son has been rude, and again my Bey Aktemur has given his place. He will be there, my Bey Osman, he will do justice, whatever it is. eyes will open Take our guest to his room Is this what killed my cypress Osman Bey This is it. Washing the blood of this dog with blood is dear to you . You took my cypress from me. Forgive me. No mercy. No mercy. ade Turgut If you behave like this, I will fall in your throat. Turgut Bey, you must come with us .

You will be handed over to Mr. Ali with us. Osman is the order of the lord.

What happened, Mr. Turgut, you used to make big speeches. Now you found what you deserved, But the brain also understood what your property was, and sold it to you immediately when we got it. Oh, if you only knew what I would do, I would know myself I won’t surrender for the job I didn’t do Especially because of the slander of this grandchild But my brother Osman’s order is over my head Who are you to be listened to Don’t give me advice, Turgut, what does he know, what do you talk about Traitor murderer Turgut Bey Osman Bey awaits you both safe and sound When the sun comes up, we will both come Episode 18

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Let’s see, tell us what news you brought from Barkın Bey He will deliver Osman Turgut Kayılar and Çobanoğulları Turgut Osman took this chance from us He Osman Osman Osman, if he surrenders Osman Turgut, his lords will not trust him. They will think that he will fail them at the first opportunity. They will still think that under these conditions Does he want to fight? I will burn him and mix his ashes with the lands he is trying to take.

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