Bir Zamanlar Kibris

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles this place is great. pay it. it’ll make some money but call Talk to me. he started to open the bt. as if it wasn’t enough. for a few simple people. did he dare to leave you to his own family. give Muslim slaves from you. the CD is about to arrive. now you can take them to our channel. Now come. get ready. I will take the women by themselves. Muslim slaves come on other ships . do we have to send the King to every meal. brother wind I’m going to get it and hajj from that woman il rezi moment Yes now I have come across you.

You are telling me not to send her. is it true ?

That’s why all the women will go to him that there are tens of hundreds of women in need. but his brother has only one love and that is Meryem. woman this heartbreak Have a drink or go drink wine in the corner Cry whine and sht someone else I’ll know what you are doing but forget Meryem No it won’t be yours like They will take them home They will take them to the king with Amine Let’s talk for a couple of times. there is no news. As I said. on you as much as I will touch on the torment. You threw it out. Will you say the cost of the slap is t high and that hazard’s eyes will see no one but you You don’t ask what you did, ,

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles

hears a But you found the peace in your heart son, this is Desire and fire births on people, sometimes the right field, which equips everything with its endless mercy Serper Of course, he just wants to turn his face to God on Earth. Word of course, there are all kinds of fires. Of course, only God can sustain the fires in this heart, only God. I need a means to realize that Allah is a true friend. Music Ya I want to be a Muslim t, , see what he wrote, to me Dervish, you have already found Islam in your heart, son. Yes, now is the time to admit it with not it. We repeat what I will say,

His Messenger He Abdu hu And the Messenger of Allah, he is also a person who accepted Islam, but he was honored with Islam and it is as if he was born again, or you were full again, may Allah grant you this path, and you make it with my will, O Allah, let your name be Murat. God bless you in both worlds with light Pro thank god this sim belongs to us Gd luck It’s not even ready, he didn’t say anything while I was in the rm, but it hurt dan Demet back Ya,


let me lk with your heart, not with the eyes of Khidr,

where are these boxes from. Even though not as much as you, I can understand the notes of flowers, from your tongue and nature cheese . We didn’t think it possible, unfortunately , you caught our mercy. Fortunately, we got rid of one of the mns. The scholar will return Inshallah I hope my daughter Inshallah Yes Well and the carrot Finally got the island, I hope it will settle the Shahbaz issue, I hope and let’s start the preparations for the other wedding, what do you say, gd luck but I is ready Şahin But if you hadn’t come, I would have come from us and lked at the engine,

what happened? Are you there? are you there,

this is a class tl, they say, it’s a class tl. These are the people who delivered it, let’s put the money on their heads, Sword tactics, walk on them, we spilled it in the shop, take care, if we buy Shahbaz, peace will be broken, the war would break, but they started the war in the gdbye game. they will be hostile towards us, of course they know the places, they will want to take their revenge t personally Oha My sister hurt my hands Brother’s bld got her bld on my hands And her revenge will go I miss her t Şahin No matter how much Personality’s messages have been read now,

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles

I’m very sorry for you, this is fate, I did what I should do Fasting That traitorous dog killed my father and became the living cause of my brother. In the morning, I only act out my own revenge and our way will be wasted as long as he lives. Our aim is to prevent this. Before we take action, we will charge a charge, if they don’t , then the war begins What does music mean if you want to buy a ship and keep it in the seas? education, I have sacrificed for you, give it to you. His Excellency Emredin Pasha will recover a little, he has supplied all the gold he needs .

you will make big guns that you come right,

yes, those who see it as a thousand regrets I hope my pasha he Leventler started the preparations for the expedition if we leave tomorrow we will always be in this mode Thank you Bodrum Castle is at the end of the day we will surround it with our ships if they do not give a zp cross and it When they become one of their castles, will you start siege preparations in your rm? How can you do this without Oruç Reis’s edict of the state? It seems that the Shah is protecting and guarding the peace, they declare war outright, what would we do? We are not, but this

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 28 In Urdu Subtitles

God’s tl is at my sword tip, I respected your word and forgiven, now it will be more hostile, but you say stop, what will happen, this Hamza Bey will not be 15 and attack us for revenge. If he does not treat us before these, Kiss will be dangerous. say the Castle. Oh , we’ll hold on until he comes home with his being a Kemalist Well, if he hears that he is trying to go to war without the Fire State, Kemal Reis, have you thought about it? is much more in life. They think of revenge and others make it a matter of pride because we didn’t get Shahbaz .

Because of their personal shtings, they will disrupt the

state’s order, it suits you to think of him personally, Pasha, but we are in the process of eliminating the enemy danger , some are very serious Pasha, if we wait, they will sht us . While we are in the siege of Mode On, you should also be concerned about the security, lk, Oruç Reis , we have done what you said in every issue you were right, but we have done what you said, but we do not consent to this war. But listen to me, Mr. Yasin Hamza, if there is an enemy danger, I will do my part. It’s my duty o They have already committed the biggest crime by not giving that traitor to the king ,

the only thing this state will do after this time is to come

to our aid o Because no matter what, we will not step back from this path Nothing Yes, what does this mean, why do Yücetaş make me lk like a criminal here. He started his preparations. He’s going out tomorrow, but you know, they’re going to commit a crime and finish their job without making a move. He was confident in his space next to Pasha. Nothing came out, they ‘re starting a siege on us just because we’re holding you. You didn’t keep your word, Shahbaz, who said that?

I didn’t keep my word. I already set up the attack scheme again.

What is that scheme ? I have prepared all the bld-drinking pirates. be and be flat By the way, we will prepare our fleet and our soldiers, and when the pirates of Shahbaz attack the red, this will attack and we will capture it a little while ago. brewing in a word time i You need your strength huh what does it mean that successfully asked for help to get it like this. Write if you thought you wanted help to your mother, but I would have been a guarantor for you ,

how could I ask your owners to come and help you after

the incident, the Hodja, but Am I worse than Pasha, if he wants to be worse than Pasha, not me? It was my decision to give up, huh, I will earn my own picture with my own troubles, instead of being an element on someone else’s ship, I’ll paint you this is Yamada siege, we’ll go to the siege of Yamada. They can’t give me anything to give you, let them serve you A li me thato this the fate of the leaf that broke off from its branch The wind is more hugs. Summer is very low.

but I hope you t, I hope you have finally made a groan. to it. It’sa bit of . I brought your work, İlyas will grow my milk. do lucrative work on the first day so that kelemez does not return proudly , everyone will see that you are a Nadir Jew .

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Season 1 Episode 27 In Urdu Subtitles

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