Kuslarla Yolculuk In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Dad, we will do nothing, we will wait for him to get angry Somuncu Baba Or do you not believe it? Is it possible to get laughs, who knows where? Music k a box Almighty Allah, Yunus Aleyhisselam’s coma in the stomach of the fish Yusuf is in this innocent number in Akkuyu, you are in a coma in the Black Dungeon. Come on, Tahsin Efendi, this is the time to complete the honesty issue. For God’s sake, is it time for us to talk when I come, and let’s speed up the prayer with us Sadrettin Sir ,

the office of release has been waiting for a long time.

we will see this job today, we will not go to court Tahsin Efendi does the tactic of Rüstem today and says this is gd for sound-based. My thing is very nice. R in the evening Master Efendi, you invite him, if he accepts, why do we always want to destroy the work professorship? Tekos did not happen Sadettin Efendi Mugla Numan Efendi, we heard it and we said let’s do it, but it wasn’t quite there, tell me the price and they wouldn’t take a break from Mahmut,

for the best Mevlüt and Ahval are very confused,

or you t, I didn’t know what to believe in a break without prayer. Sadettin Efendi’s first case was seen today, no one is there for you, I may understand, let’s not keep you busy, thank you Applause this is , don’t be in a hurry, it’s time, tell him, sit down, it ‘s time, it’s time I don’t know brother No , stop here stop my mother Tezgit tez become 3D this Applause write, you are welcome, , this late M heaven place Sultan Nur Bahrain became the patron of Alaaddin Keykubat’s daughter Melike Hatun.


It was decided to be continued by Rüstem Efendi with

the Ser mudarrislik authority Rey union, the parameter of which was empty . May Allah not lower your face to the ground Mustafa a Do you have vote You are one of the professors of the kara Madrasah You are responsible for embezzling the bk of material and moral value belonging to this madrasah and answering the post of kadi. and even 12 stars for doing business with bandits. But this is because he is a professor, he should not be sentenced in the Dungeon This is in Kütahya.

what they’ve ever done I swear by Allah he Eve

did you go he he o ol I the bomb It is not my purpose in the harem , the cure is God It’s Not a Cure for My Problem But I don’t listen to Music Shih, there is a speck of Cihan on my feet If I think about it this is Did it open as sn as you fell Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha ha What’s up What happened to my daughter Oh God and my daughter your ice past I’m sitting sit down How is this gd or is it gd they heard a jeweler and my daughter is happy the moment you are in the car you are older

than him do not destroy what will this Dad is there

alone until yesterday Behind Was your message the only one in the rose? It’s equivalent to two years and two hours. you lk. it’s over. . are you crazy. you missed it like death chases you will follow us Did you send this to be angry with Mevlüt Bey. golden thing stop. we would know. if we didn’t know. we didn’t come back and I’m sitting almost o that leather ring kid’s knife breaking gdbye H I won’t hear you say anything to anyone Your order this is destorm lord I come Yes sir.

tell me who is going to be outraged in Ahsen Angry again.

this is a prisoner. Mullah is a normal loss. sir. what does he mean. he is lost. the car is lost find it and bring it. don’t be an untouched hole in this chest or its skin You can order sir he is the incoming and outgoing way Somuncu Baba It will not happen again of course You will come back hewill no brother lira 3A you know brother is a lyrebird is this the most laughable son How did you ask why. lk. it’s time to put these reasons aside to m What are you .

when you are gd. come in these pants and then

we need to get out of Gülden. we have more time you say no. . let him sleep. don’t act immediately lost Inform the woman who sees and hears it lk lk hurry hurry this I didn’t think that disabled person would go to this much trouble. there was a lion in every difficulty. a son You know better who I believe I swear If he sees it. instead of using it under him. you won’t know you with my wife . I know since Master Mustafa has been around. but yes. it’s not enough to go to Konak now.

you don’t know who the struggle is if these heedless

people make you cry. it’s true. Dad. you will get off. then let’s go . my daughter. she has a question about where the road leads. we come t. send purpose We will leave. careful Plain. Thank you. Allah will take it safely and come back is normal. Did we stay with the Master? Mumcu Baba. who doesn’t know . I told you where we go. it’s normal for you to let me know where we go.

It will be normal Ser mudarris Mollakent to the desolation.

This Master is also in the nomads. If he keeps chasing him from the last Law. I’ll run away. Is it Steel? Why do I run away from a crystal face. don’t I need to find this reason? though . it returns with its own rule and when it is like this. it is necessary to find the one who did this to you. Does this creature called Human do everything necessary? It is necessary to destroy in the heart.

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