Kuslarla Yolculuk In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles

I’m going to get on this anyway. He wrote This is where he saw the text. the weather forecast. escaped from Sinan and the crime is on the flr. unfortunately. Messiah Pasha. you’re right God everyone has fallen out of business. is he caught or not? Do we have each other? . what kind of woman are you ? How are they trying to save him. Khidr. with fasting? You screwed everything up with your stupidity and he became a criminal while he was innocent. Didn’t

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles

involved in this. didn’t I tell you to sit and wait? calm down. he’s still after him with his missing soldiers. They’re going to sht him . Do you have any for Emre in this box. we write that he caused disasters so far. and now you will hurt him . If God does not help everyone. we will be hit. yes. come on. really. wait for this father’s teacher to return the picture. Hopefully. it is a crossroads. The pirate who sold me will be killed innocently. and don’t get t attached to him .

Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles

If there is no golf. they will take you away. I don’t let this happen and it’s unopened. let’s open it. Sorry. it’s Real Master but Music your score It seems our uncle raft king is a pro. he’s like that and always pulls to the mountains The system does nothing. Only before the Muslim massacres he designed. with the law that purifies his soul. then he collapses like what I will say. to places . Do we need to catch this don before it reaches Diego? Your cat will go Now Will Bondigo do the

Epic right now Yes So what do we say then This domigo

is the first to ten maybe and everywhere Pirates guards will be lovers we need to attack and take it in one move It’s done Hello We’ll wait here Go to Captain Duygu’s politics It’s over Lk. tell me that there are men coming from where he left off. this nut sent a message to the ego They have taken. we have to finish the job before he comes. get ready. it’s worthy. we’ll attack less.


Kuslarla Yolculuk Episode 15 In Urdu Subtitles

all Brother brother brother in the dark. congress jacket is almost beaten Come on. I won’t let you go. you see you like this traitor. he surrendered to a new law But this thing sound That girl did n’t listen. The head of these mountains is more because of me and she is caught. I’m running. And I’m guilty . we’ll have to find it before then s a summer get it by the way like I said I am hearing Khidr that what does it mean you found it here can you leave us chasing the sword God.

God on the way to hunt you’re going to die

He’s inside that boy is here from the back So he I’m going to take them to the right tandon Duygu If their language is infiltrated. let them give the death penalty. ? Yes. a Khidr mourn. see you on the other side already I’m already Osman you still has a dangerous song since there hasn’t been any news until this week. it’s definitely a dangerous song. don’t let it go under the sea. there is no video Oh ho ho ho ho Oto Infallible leave your trace Back On top of the rest

he and that don Diego we got here hug them and

do Siesta now it doesn’t make it from 2000’s since you are together you can’t deny that he has a finger under the grave under all the games you can’t deny the original when we arrive It’s a shame I’ll watch it with great pleasure ya and then you will watch the word He also sends death so he and g It’s time to go back. now we’ll play it all. it will come out.

does he see the image does he or she will take

the blame from the beginning. I’ll go. I won’t surrender without minecraft. I ll surrender if it happens to me. this is more than I surrender and I’ll get out of here. neck again If you have it or Tin do you have Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah ya there is Is

Do you have do you have I need to catch this

wasted biceps as sn as possible O oh this is the brainchild cover I made by myself It’s not just punishment Yücetaş If they tk the map from us, we couldn’t come t, we’ll bury them, have a coffee, and there won’t be any harm they did to the whole Christendom.

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